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Amplified Indoor TV Antenna with Active Steering Technology

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Price: $59.00

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Certified Open-Box Products from Channel Master are inspected and tested to adhere to the same quality you've come to expect from new Channel Master products. Open-Box Products are completely restored to their original factory specifications. Channel Master Certified Open-Box Products are typically in new or like-new condition. Some products may have minor cosmetic blemishes that do not impact their performance.

SMARTenna+ is an amplified, maximum-range indoor TV antenna that houses seven different "virtual" TV antennas inside a single device. The internal processor analyzes the TV signals and automatically selects the best reception pattern to deliver the maximum number of channels and the best signal quality. It's the world's smartest indoor TV antenna and a breakthrough in quality and convenience for consumers.

SMARTenna+ is the world's first smart, processor-enabled indoor TV antenna available to consumers. Designed by Channel Master and enabled by Active Steering™ Technology from Ethertronics, SMARTenna+ is seven virtual TV antennas in one, with both automated and push-button scanning for channel-by-channel tuning from seven different antenna configurations.

With built in amplification and noise filtering, the SMARTenna+ automatically finds the optimal antenna settings for the available channels, with the option for fine-tuning via a push-button control. This powerful combination provides both convenience and flexibility while maximizing the number of channels received across all VHF and UHF channels.

Getting started with SMARTenna+ is fast and easy. In approximately five minutes, the SMARTenna+ scans all seven antenna configurations and determines the optimal antenna setting to receive the most channels at the installed location.

Active Steering Technology

Active Steering Technology applies smart processing to advanced design to enable virtual steering of the antenna to maximize TV channel reception.

At initial setup, SMARTenna+ scans the antenna configurations, analyzes the results, and selects the configuration that delivers the greatest number of channels. This optimized mode is then selected as the default antenna setting.

By leveraging advanced antenna design and intelligent processing, SMARTenna+ is able to eliminate over 90 percent of indoor reception issues that are commonly due to placement and movement.

Patented Push-On Mini Coax Connectors

In addition to advanced steering reception technology, the unique mini coax connector uses patented compression technology for retention and shielding. This enables an easy "Push On" mechanism to attach the coax cable to the antenna. This eliminates the inconvenience of "screw on" that comes with traditional thick coaxial cables. No details are too small to enhance consumer’s experience.

Reception Optimization and Ease of Use

Indoor broadcast TV reception is generally challenging due to variables such as metal and concrete construction materials, RF interference from household electronics, and changes in the physical environment after initial antenna placement.

Traditionally, the only way to improve signal reception in these instances has been to manually adjust the antenna's position or to physically move the antenna to a different location.

SMARTenna+ is the first indoor TV antenna to tackle these common reception issues through the use of smart processing that can detect and choose the optimum antenna configuration, while providing both the convenience of initial automatic scanning and the flexibility of fine tuning at the push of a button.

What’s Included

SMARTenna+ Indoor TV Antenna (Open-Box)
6' Mini Coaxial Cable
16' Mini Coaxial Cable
Power Supply
(4) Push Pins, (4) Adhesive Tabs
Quick Start Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty


Maximum signal range beyond the typical mileage promised by standard indoor TV antennas
Receives the most channels at the highest possible quality with Channel Master's exclusive Active Steering Technology
Fine-tune reception at the push of a button (No repositioning of the antenna required)
Low-Noise Amplifier boosts poor quality signals without adding noise and interference
Built-in LTE Filtering eliminates interference and pixelation caused by cellular signals
Receives VHF and UHF standard and high definition digital broadcasts
Modern design with high-end look offers black and white options for versatile and aesthetically pleasing placement
Professional quality miniature coaxial cable with patented push-on connectors and an innovative power supply make for quick and easy installation

Channel Master SMARTenna Plus (CM-3001HD)
SMARTenna+ User Guide (CM-3001HD)
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5 of 5 Crystal Clear Reception December 28, 2019
Reviewer: James from New Carlisle, Ohio  
Bought this antenna on Black Friday for a steal at  $10.00. Open-Box but was in every appearance a new and unopened item.

It pulled in every local channel I was expecting  ( tower farms are around 30-33 miles from me ) plus a couple of duplicate channels from beyond.

Clear reception with very little effort needed for finding proper placement.

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5 of 5 easy simple great range. December 28, 2019
Reviewer: Macktheman  
easy to install
simple to set up
great picture quality
range is great

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Great SMARTenna December 28, 2019
Reviewer: Wayne from Independence, MO USA  
I am highly pleased with this purchase. It was easy to set up and I now pick up more channels than I previously did. I would highly recommend this antenna. If you are not aware, this antenna uses proven techniques deployed with Wi-Fi and cellphones to improve the reception of over-the-air digital broadcasts!

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Works Very Well December 28, 2019
Reviewer: Sam from Texas  
This is a quality made product that works very good. Hooked it up to our tv and I believe we got around 75 OTA channels. Very good product.

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
4 of 5 Smartenna+ December 28, 2019
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
I bought one of these during the open-box sale.  It works well, and I have less interference with some stations than a previous antenna.  It seems to have less range than my last antenna, but the channels that used to drop out don't anymore.

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