VHF Extension for Pro-Model TV Antenna



The Channel Master Pro-Model VHF Extension is a modular antenna add-on designed to increase the VHF signal reception capability of the Channel Master Pro-Model TV Antenna (CM-1776). The Pro-Model VHF Extension is designed to work exclusively with the Channel Master Pro-Model TV Antenna. (VHF Extension will not work with any other antenna or as a stand alone VHF TV antenna).
- Patented (U.S. Patent No. 11,532,885)

The Channel Master Pro-Model VHF Extension is one of two optional add-on antenna sections that will enhance the signal reception capability of the patent-pending Pro-Model TV antenna. The Pro-Model VHF Extension is intended to improve the VHF signal reception and range by increasing VHF signal strength and signal quality putting it on the same VHF playing field as our longest range, large outdoor TV antenna models including the CM-2020, CM-3020 and the CM-5020.

The Pro-Model VHF Extension includes the necessary hardware to easily attach the extension to the Pro-Model antenna. Just like the Pro-Model itself, the extensions are well-constructed and maintain a sleek design that elegantly presents itself in commercial and high-end residential environments.

As with all Channel Master products, the quality of materials and product craftsmanship is our highest priority. The Pro-Model VHF Extension is assembled and packaged at Channel Master's Chandler, Arizona corporate headquarters. The antenna boom and elements are made from high-quality 6061 and 6063 aluminum and extruded, cut and drilled in the United States.

What’s Included

VHF Extension for Pro-Model TV Antenna
Assembly Hardware
Installation Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty


Increases Pro-Model Range Up To 30 Additional Miles
Receives VHF Frequencies
Mostly Metal Construction
UV Resistant Plastics
Powder Coated Boom
Zinc Coated Steel Screws and Hardware
Sleek and Aesthetically Pleasing Design
Will Support ATSC 3.0, NextGen TV, and 4K Broadcast when Available
Easy to Assemble and Attach to Channel Master Pro-Model Antenna


Tech Specs

Frequency Range 54MHz~216MHz
VHF Realized Gain Increases Pro-Model VHF Gain 2-3dB (MAX)
Size (Product) 89 x 17 x 2 in (Not Including Mount)
Size (Packaging) 44.65 x 4.75 x 2 in
Weight (Product) 1.5 lb
Weight (Packaging) <2 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Channel Master extensions

I love this new antenna with both the UHF and the VHF extensions,Thank you very much.


The extension started bringing in the channel from Alpena I wanted, but couldn't get.

It brought in the one station we were having trouble with.

Normally, I watch television from DIRECTV using a satellite dish. However, we do get additional channels with a terrestrial antenna. The quality of everything from Channel Master is top-notch. Do not confuse there antennas with the junk sold in the big box stores.
With this easy add-on device, we were able to bring in one channel we could not get prior to installing it. I just used my iPhone to launch a video resource on a QR code in the one page manual. The 60 Second video showed me everything I needed to do. It was easy-peezy.


I only wish that everything I bought would be as good of a deal as my Channel Master antenna. The quality of the product is immediately apparent upon opening the cartons. From the packaging to the materials to the workmanship, everything was impeccable. My installation included the Pro-Model UHF/VHF TV Antenna, UHF Extension for the Pro-Model TV Antenna, VHF Extension for the Pro-Model TV Antenna and the TV Antenna PreAmp1.

Assembly and installation were easy. After a few adjustments to find the peak channel direction I was able to maximize the my channel count to 96 with the amp set to max. Stations averaged 50 miles away. However, there were frequent dropouts and pixelations. Tried switching the amp to the low gain setting and all 96 channels came in crystal clear and no interferences. Stunning 4K on the channels that broadcast those signals.

I am thoroughly satisfied with my Channel Master antenna and have already suggested them to others who have shown interest in pursuing Over The Air programming. If you’re serious about OTA TV, you should look nowhere else for antenna products.

VHFand UHF Extension for Pro-Model TV Antenna

I'm using two Pro-Model Antennas with the extensions. I'm located in an area that needed the extensions and I am now able to get the major networks. I'm a happy camper.