Channel Master



Outstanding Antenna and Customer Service

Mike on Nov 30, 2023

I live in a very remote area with a lot of trees in Florida. My nearest tower is 65 to 70 miles away, I always buy American if I can in this company was American made. Now I get 70 stations crystal clear and their customer service is awesome. I had to bug them guys 34 times to get the right place to aim it installation and questions about what I was getting, the team channel master is outstanding. Buy American, it’s well worth it. My picture is phenomenal and the amount of channels I get is phenomenal. All free my friend I would highly highly recommend this company.

Fantastic high def reception
(Pro-Model Antenna)

Steve B on Dec 23, 2023

I live in a rural area and had satellite tv for decades. I decided to try an outdoor antenna and bought a cheaper brand x antenna. It’s reception was good enough to convince to buy a better system. I bought this antenna and was amazed. It has fantastic high definition reception even without a pre amp; however, I bought a Pre Amp 1, installed it and my reception is even better now. Amazing!

Great Recommendation

Greg on Feb 22, 2024

Everything was as good as Channel Master said it would be. I was on track to buy a different model with more UHF gain, around 12. I got a recommendation from channel master to go with this Pro model and glad I did. Less visual distraction on my roof and easier to install because of smaller size/bulk. It was very easy to turn mast 90 deg to correct for my blunder on which way to point antenna ( 12in holders for the mast made that easy). A couple of VHF pixelate certain times of the day, but they are not channels we watch. I may add more equipment later.