Channel Master



Customer service over the top!

CJ Mettler on Feb 17, 2023

Customer service over the top! I had a mixup in the ordering and I got personal phone calls and help from the person at channel master. I would definitely buy from this company again. Thank you.

Pro-Model Antenna W/ Pre Amp 1

Adam Howland on Aug 18, 2023

My journey: 1. Cut the cord 2. Wife wants local channels 3. Try a cheap inside antenna - found no useful channels 4. Found Channel Master, put in a ticket and got great support and recommendations 5. Installed Pro-Model Antenna with PreAmp 1. It has been awesome - every channel is coming through strong and clear. One of the easiest 5 star reviews I have given in a long time. Flawless experience both with the people and the products.

Pre Amp 1 is extremely well designed

Roy O'Kelly on Jun 22, 2023

I purchased this device to replace an old distribution amplifier that no longer worked well with an ASTC 3.0 TV. I found the Channel Master video describing the product and how it worked to be very informative providing succinct information about what to expect (no fluff). The Pre-amp arrived promptly and readily supplied a strong signal to my 4 TVs from an attic mounted antenna located 35 mi. from downtown Chicago. It mounted easily and securely. I recommend it without reservation.