Channel Master



Excellent products and outstanding Customer Service

Rod H on Jun 02, 2022

My parents had a Channel Master antenna back in the 1970’s and it was a solid product with very good channel reception. My Inlaws have a Channel Master rotary antenna that is over 50 years old and still working well. In 2022, when our family was looking to cut the cord, there was no doubt that we’d go back to Channel Master. Based on Channel Master Customer Service recommendation, I purchased the Pro Model Antenna with the Amplify Preamplifier. High Quality reception of local channels. I’ve also been in the business world for forty years and can’t say enough good things about Channel Master Customer Service. Definitely world class!

Excellent Products & Support!

Andrew C on Feb 23, 2022

I have battled bad reception in a difficult geographic location for years. Channel Master took the time to answer all my questions on repeated inquiries and got me exactly what was needed to get reception. You will not be left disappointed in the service and support. Products are very precise, high quality.

Pro Model Rocks

Sluggo on Oct 14, 2022

Unfortunately, when you live in a valley, you receive bad to poor reception at best. I've tested 8-10 antennas, some better and worse than others. But when I saw the write up for the Pro-Model I became skeptical but interested. I purchased the Pro-Model in September 2022. When I finally tuned the antenna in (rotated it until I received the best signals), I was amazed at having picked up 142 channels. Living in Temecula valley, I thought this to be impossible until I ran through the channels. Granted a large majority were either in Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese or some other language, But I actually locked into 56 English speaking stations worth watching with excellent reception. What impressed me most is when I first took the antenna out of the box, you could already tell that this was a well built antenna. I opted to get the VHF addition, and I'm very glad I did. The size of the antenna is small compared to antennas with this range and performance. But so far it is certainly the best antenna I have ever owned. Well eared 5 stars.