Ultra-Hi Crossfire 100



The Ultra-Hi Crossfire 100 is a directional (log periodic), line-of-sight outdoor antenna that receives high definition and digital signals from a single direction. This antenna has a reception range of up to 100 miles.

The Channel Master CM-3671 Ultra-Hi Crossfire was designed to be the best performing long-range outdoor TV antenna on the market. It offers reliable reception and superior gain across the entire bandwidth including Low VHF, High VHF, UHF and FM signals. With a range of 100+ miles, the Ultra-Hi Crossfire Antenna is perfectly optimized for use in rural and weak signal areas. Thanks to a rugged double boom design and high-strength bracing, the antenna's elements are kept in position, sagging and structural distortion is prevented even under heavy ice loads and high winds.

What’s Included

Ultra-Hi Crossfire 100
(2) U-bolt and Nest Assemblies (Mast, Amplifier and Coax Cable Not Included)
Installation Guide


Reception Range 100 Miles
Type Outdoor
Reception Pattern Directional
Built-In Amplifier No
Installation Roof, Mast, Eave, Chimney

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Bandwith 54 to 216 and 470 to 700 MHz
Low VHF Gain 5.6 dB
High VHF Gain 10.9 dB
UHF Gain 10.0 dB
Return Loss N/A
Impedance 300 Ohm (75 Ohm balun included)

Mechanical Specifications

Boom Length 173 in.
Number of Elements 61
Max Element Width 110 in.
Mounting Clamp U-bolt up to 1.5 in.
Turning Radius 95.75 in.
Output Connector F-type
Size (product) 173 x 110 x 34.5 in.
Size (packaging) 69 x 12 x 12 in.
Weight (product) 15 lb
Weight (packaging) 16.5 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Thomas myers
Happy so far

I have assembled any thing yet, but am happy with the shipping effort by channel master. Everything arrived in excellent condition, very good packaging. looking forward to installation.

Frank Helmsing
Some things thankfully never change

Im a old guy and I put up CM color crossfires & towers 50+ years ago . You still got it baby !!! I live half way between Louisville KY & Indianapolis IN. The FCC says we are in Louisville marketing area so no provider in our zip has Indy stations. NOW I have every Indianapolis channel crystal clear !!! At 70 yo I put up a tower and the crossfire 100 & 7779 amp. I FINALLY found something that hasn’t been cheapened and performs as well as 50 years ago !!!

Crossfire 100

If you think it’s too expensive, go buy a cheapo, then come back and spend the money for a real antenna. This thing is a solid signal sponge. If you want a guaranteed signal buy this one for sure. Worth every penny.

Daniel Williamson
Channel Master CM-3671

The Channel Master CM-3671 arrived well packaged and without any damage. It comes in three sections and is ready for assembly in minutes. The documentation leaves out some details but if a person understands what the antenna should look like assembled, putting it together is fairly simple. For the most part, no tools are required. While folding out the elements is not hard, care is needed to ensure the aluminum is not flexed or bent. End users of the Channel Master CM-3671 must realize, that when completely assembled, this antenna is a monster. It is so large that handling it while attaching it to a mast can be a challenge. This step in the installation process is definitely a two-person job. Once the antenna is attached to the mast and it is in the air it is impressive.
I purchased the Channel Master CM-3671 in an effort to cut my Dish Network costs and to start viewing free over-the-air (OTA) TV. I live in rural Kansas and am about 80 plus miles from the closest OTA transmission tower. So, I felt like buying an OTA antenna was a bit of an experiment. The Channel Master CM-3671 specification says this antenna has a 100-mile range and it did not let me down. In a 17--foot installation with a Channel Master CM-7777V3 Titan 2 High Gain Preamplifier, I'm getting 13 channels from a northerly vector. I have another OTA transmission tower to the southeast that may allow me to receive additional channels. I am feeling good about what I am receiving so far.

kevin mccourt
crossfire 100

this is the best antenna on the market i purchase one in 2021 and its held up to 60+ mph winds in ohio and it works wonderful i recommend this one so i purchase another one just to have for a back up in 2023 personal is great to talk with thank u channel master