EXTREMEtenna 80



The EXTREMEtenna is an 8-Bay, phased array, multi-directional outdoor antenna that receives high definition and digital signals from a span of 180 degrees. This antenna has a reception range of up to 80 miles.

Multi-directional (180-degree range) outdoor antenna up to 80 miles

What’s Included

EXTREMEtenna (Mast, Amplifier and Coax Cable Not Included)
(2) U-Bolts
Installation Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty


Reception Range 80 Miles
Type Outdoor
Reception Pattern Multi-directional
Built-In Amplifier No
Installation Roof, Attic, Mast, Eave, Chimney

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Bandwidth 174 to 216 and 470 to 700 MHz
VHF Gain 5dB
UHF Gain 12dB
Front to Back Ratio 18dB
Return Loss N/A
Impedance 75 Ohm

Mechanical Specifications

Boom Length N/A
Number of Elements N/A
Max Element Width N/A
Mounting Clamp U bolt up to 2"
Turning Radius 2 ft.
Output Connector F-type
Size (product) 41 x 33 x 5 in
Weight (product) 10 lb
Wind Resistance (at 100 mph, no ice) – 72 lb

Choose a Model

40 MI Range Antenna 60 MI Range Antenna
80 MI Range Antenna

Customer Reviews

Based on 415 reviews
Easily picking up stations 70-90 miles from home, antenna is 20ft off ground with booster

There is no school like the old school! I hate paying monthly bills, and this is a great way to get rid of a cable bill. Was using mud flap style antenna and generally getting in about 42 channels (about 30-50 miles from location). Putting this antenna outside at about 20ft high with booster I'm now getting 83 channels (70-90 miles from location). And the channels are very stable at that distance. I rotated the antenna several times and did channel scans, once I found the best overall spot I bolted it in place. Very happy with this purchase.

Carrillo antenna

I've been installing antenna since the early seventies Pretty much nothing but channel master in a few wine guard. Currently, The only antenna install is the channel master grid 4228. Model doesn't require amplification
Although it's says UHF antenna it picks up vhf as well. Over a 140 channels here in Santa Clara County,

Easy to install

It only took us 10 minutes to put up. I still can't get all the stations I want. I will need to get a 30ft. pole to mount it on.


Purchased amp and antenna. Wife is so happy with her TV now.im happy too

Great Antenna

This Antenna greatly increased the UHF channels that I was getting. I am very happy with it!!!