Cord Cutting Guide

Cut the Cord

What is cord cutting?

Cord cutting simply means canceling your pay-TV service. Cord cutting has been a growing trend since 2009, when over-the-air broadcast signals switched from analog to digital. People began to realize that they could now get the vast majority of their favorite TV shows in beautiful HD using a simple television antenna rather than paying monthly fees to a TV provider.

Today, cord cutting is accelerating due to several factors such as the emergence of DVRs for TV antennas, which provides a very cable-like viewing experience, and the existence of streaming services that provide access to the Cable TV shows that are not available from a television antenna, and for a lot less money than what you would typically spend with a pay-TV service.

What Do You Get From A TV Antenna?

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The Essential Cord Cutting Ingredients

TV Antenna

If you've researched cord cutting you've likely found a lot of advice about what streaming services you should have. In actuality, a TV antenna is the most important part of any cord cutting solution and streaming services are secondary.

A TV antenna gives you live TV, the most-watched TV programs, your local news, and you don't have to stream the content from the Internet. The benefits are:

  • It's free
  • Avoid data caps and overage fees
  • Don't lose TV if the Internet goes out
  • Amazing picture quality

DVR / Streaming Device

If you're already using a DVR you won't want to give it up, and if you're not currently using a DVR it would be worth your while to check it out.

A DVR for antenna users provides the same capabilities as a Cable or Satellite DVR:

  • Pause and record live TV
  • Set timers to record shows and series
  • Skip through commercials
  • Record a show while watching another

Streaming Services

You're going to get all of the TV shows from the major broadcast networks for free through your TV antenna. But what about your favorite Cable network shows? That's where streaming services come in. In addition to Cable network shows, streaming services provide access to tons of movies and documentaries, too.

You don't need a bunch of streaming services to be a cord cutter. Because you have a TV antenna, you'll likely use only a few.

Ready to cut the cord?