10 Cool TV Antenna Accessories to Level Up Your TV Game

To get the very best out of your subscription-free television experience, you may want to look into some TV antenna accessories. Not only can they help boost your signal and stabilize your stream, but there are a host of other great features.

Let's look at ten cool TV antenna accessories to level up your TV game by a mile.

1. TV Antenna Signal Amplifier

Signal Amplifier

Your HDTV antenna signal may already be quite powerful, but it can always use a little extra power. An antenna signal amplifier can boost your antenna signal preventing issues with picture quality and channel dropouts. Make sure to select a good quality antenna signal amplifier because not all are created equal, typically you get what you pay for. Inexpensive, lightweight, plastic signal amplifiers sometimes include low-cost amplification chips and circuitry which is known to introduce noise making weaker signals actually worse. Signal amplifiers used for enhancing TV antenna reception are commonly referred to as an in-line signal amplifier, antenna booster or an antenna preamplifier, all are the same and can help improve your TV antenna signal.

2. Converter Box

Converter Box

For older analog televisions, consider purchasing a converter box. This allows them to receive OTA TV antenna signals. Converter boxes can also add channel guides to almost any television set with coaxial, RCA or HDMI connection.

3. OTA Streaming Devices

OTA Streaming Devices

As major networks put muscle behind their streaming services, increasing numbers of people opt for streaming rather than dedicated cable packages. Having an OTA streaming device that also integrates live-broadcast television is the pinnacle of TV antenna accessories. Your home should not be without one of these devices.

4. Signal Distribution Amplifiers

Signal Distribution Amplifiers

Signal Distribution Amplifiers provide you with the ability to split OTA signals from your antenna and run them to every room in your home without losing strength. From two-port to eight-port, the number of devices that you can boost can adapt to fit any situation.

5. TV Antenna Rotator

TV Antenna Rotator

A TV antenna rotator is one of the most important TV antenna accessories of all time. Having a rotator allows you to position your outdoor antenna whichever way you like from within your home. A handheld remote control and a rotator unit make adjusting your antenna easier than ever.

6. LTE Filter

LTE Filter

An LTE filter can help improve antenna signal performance by filtering out any interference from LTE mobile devices. Having one at home could significantly improve your antenna signal, and the best part is that they are quite affordable.

7. Lighting Surge Suppressor

Lighting Surge Suppressor

Another small item that can go a long way is a lightning surge suppressor. This accessory can protect all your TV antenna accessories from potentially disastrous power surges. This peace of mind will not cost you much, and it will be well worth it.

8. Masts and Mounts

Masts and Mounts

Having things in the right order is essential, and mounting your antenna ensures that it is secure and looks good. These masts and mounts can also help you receive a better TV signal when you place them near a window or high on a wall. There are many different types of mounts, but none will take a big chunk out of your wallet.

9. Cables


HDMI cables are essential to getting the best signal possible. Pick yourself up a small bundle of them and ensure that they are there when you need them.

10. Antenna Combiner

Antenna Combiner

An antenna combiner allows you to receive television signals from two different transmitters. For the price that these devices run it is not a bad investment. Amplify your television game with this little device which offers a whole new set of options.

Experiment What is Right for You

Since there are so many accessories to choose from you might feel overwhelmed. In order to find what the best accessory for you is, assess your current situation at home and determine what you need to elevate your viewing experience.