How to Watch TV without Cable

The cord cutting revolution rages on and there are now more options than ever for television viewers. There is an incredible number of solutions available for individuals who want to have the best channels without a cable package. Cutting the cord is just one of many creative ways to save and can offer a similar TV viewing experience as your current cable plan.

Do you want to know how to watch TV without cable? Let's take a look at three of the best ways to do so. Prepare to be amazed!

How to Watch TV Without Cable

Free Over-The-Air TV

A sleeping giant in the cable-less TV game is the over-the-air (OTA) option. All major television stations have been broadcasting from their large towers since before cable was part of anyone's vocabulary. Those signals are still in place. An indoor TV antenna can help you pick up these broadcasts and many more. Antennas are becoming more sophisticated and smaller, too. That means you can comfortably fit one in your living room.

Over the last few years, companies like Channel Master have been leading the OTA movement. They offer the latest and most sophisticated antennas on the market as well as TV antenna accessories to rival any other cord-cutting revolution service. Purchasing an antenna package from them can save you hundreds of dollars a year by not paying for streaming or cable subscriptions. The future of television has genuinely arrived, and OTA television may very well be the next big thing.

Live TV Streaming Services

Live TV streaming services like Sling have made watching cable television (without the cable) easy as can be. Not only do they offer multiple channels and options, but they are friendly to mobile devices. That means you can take your shows with you just about anywhere you go. There are great solutions for TV sets, too.

Live streaming services essentially offer what cable does but in lighter packages that can be streamed online. Because the packages are smaller, they are also much cheaper and more flexible. They usually have channels within them that are all geared to a particular type of client. They can also be watched on multiple devices anywhere you have an internet connection.

Streaming Video on Demand

Streaming video on demand is what started the revolution but admittedly it is starting to fall behind. That is because it offers a lot of content, but most of it (in particular television) is typically a season or two behind. Netflix is the largest of these services, and they have been surprisingly reluctant to enter the world of live streaming television.

The streaming giant is still comfortably on top, of course. Many people have a subscription to its services aside from any other service that they may have for live television. The amount of movies and shows on Netflix is unprecedented, and this always gives them an edge. Netflix was the first to show the world how to watch TV without cable. They remain a great option today.

Embrace the Change

Are you ready to embrace a cable-less television experience? Don't worry – there are many options at your disposal. From free over-the-air broadcasting to on-demand video to live streaming television services, you don't have to limit what you watch. Take a look at our guide and pick the best option for your needs.