Amplify Adjustable Gain Preamplifier

<em>Amplify</em> Adjustable Gain Preamplifier

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Amplify is an easy to install, professional-grade TV antenna amplifier designed to work with any television antenna to boost signal strength and improve signal quality and may increase the number of channels received by the antenna. Amplify's innovative circuitry is specifically built to support the newest digital and high definition broadcast standards. The heavy-duty weatherproof housing will accommodate installation outdoors as well as indoors.

The Channel Master Amplify was designed to be the most versatile TV antenna amplifier on the market. Channel Master has designed, manufactured and sold television antenna amplifiers for over 60 years and has led the industry with popular amplifier models designed for professionals including our Titan 2 amplifier models (CM-7777 and CM-7778). Through the years, installers and industry experts have touted these professional models as the best TV antenna amplifiers on the market.

As the industry has evolved, consumers have taken on their television antenna and home entertainment projects as do-it-yourself projects and are relying less and less on professional installers. Taking in consideration this trend, our team of industry analysts determined there was a need for a professional quality amplifier that was better positioned for consumers to install themselves. The Channel Master Amplify brings together the best of our most popular professional amplifier models along with new features to accommodate consumers performing their own installations.

Indoor/Outdoor Heavy-Duty Housing

Competitor TV antenna amplifiers are typically constructed of plastic and designed for indoor use only. The Channel Master Amplify, like our Titan 2 professional models, is constructed of a die-cast metal housing with weatherproof ports to support indoor and outdoor installations. The flexibility of being able to install the Amplify indoors and outdoors allows use with an indoor antenna and the ability to upgrade to an outdoor antenna in the future without having to purchase a new amplifier.

Adjustable Amplification

Most people think more is better. This is not always the case when talking about TV antenna amplifiers. We see this all the time when consumers purchase our highest gain professional amplifier (CM-7777) without having the signal measurement equipment to determine how much they really need to amplify their signals. In many cases too much signal will do more harm than good to your overall signal and reception quality. The Channel Master Amplify eliminates the need for a consumer to be conscious about signal strength while still providing an industry leading 30dB of gain. With the inclusion of an easy push button gain switch, you can easily start with the high setting of 30dB gain and if you determine that this much signal has a negative impact on your reception, you can simply push the button and switch to the low setting of 17dB which in most cases will be a safe amount of gain and make a noticeable difference in signal quality. *When installed indoors directly behind a television set, it is recommend NOT to use the high (30dB) setting.

Flexible USB Powering Options

The Channel Master Amplify includes two flexible powering options.

When installed indoors, the Amplify can be powered directly via the included USB power cube or by connecting the included USB cable to an open USB port on a television or set top device eliminating the need for connections directly to an electrical outlet. *Not all USB ports will provide a sufficient amount of voltage to power the amplifier; you will need to ensure that your device USB port supports a 5V 1.0A output.

When the Amplify is installed outdoors, it includes a USB power inserter which allows you to install the power adapter and injector inside near your television inserting power up to the amplifier over your existing coaxial cable.

LTE and Out of Band Filtering

The proliferation of LTE signal towers and connected LTE devices are a common cause of intermittent television signal disruption because mobile carriers operate on frequencies that can be very close to your broadcast TV frequencies. These disruptions can result in weak signals, pixilation or even channel loss, and can be especially disruptive when using an amplifier with your TV antenna. You won’t have to worry about this with the Channel Master Amplify. Built-in filters are designed to clear your OTA TV signal path from common interference including those created by mobile LTE signals.

If you are a consumer or less-experienced installer looking for a professional-grade TV antenna amplifier that provides a convenient installation yet robust quality and performance, look no further than the Channel Master Amplify.

What’s Included

AMPLIFY TV antenna amplifier
USB Power Cord
Power inserter
USB Power adapter
(2) Mast straps
(3) Mounting Screws
Installation Guide


Improves signal quality
Decreases pixilation
May increase number of channels
Ultra low noise
Adjustable gain (17 dB/30 dB)
Blocks LTE interference from 3G/4G Smartphones and transmitters
EMI & FM Out of band filtering (Does not pass FM signals)
Heavy duty rating for indoor or outdoor use
Mast mounted for close proximity to antenna

90 days Limited Warranty Limited Warranty

parts and labor 90 days of parts and labor
support 90 days of support through phone, online chat and/or e-mail

Replacement Parts

Amplify Replacement Power Supply
Price: $8.00
DVR+ Replacement Remote


Amplify Replacement Power Cord
Price: $8.00
DVR+ Replacement Power Supply


Amplify Replacement Power Inserter
Price: $12.00
DVR+ Replacement Power Supply


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5 of 5 Great Product October 15, 2019
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Payette, Idaho  
I live 46 miles from the broadcast towers and I am behind a hill. (Fringe area). The CM-7777HD is working excellent. It eliminated the pixelation/digital breakup an I also received four channels that I didn’t even get before. They came in crystal clear. I am also getting an additional 4 channels that are weak. I bought this antenna at a yard sale for $40.  Now am wondering if the CM-3020 would pickup even more channels.

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5 of 5 Excellent product! October 15, 2019
Reviewer: Edmund from Somerville, MA  
I live in the Boston area, and although I'm with 15 miles of the tower I would get interference and dropouts on channels.  I have a simple ring antenna inside my 3rd floor attic with this booster connected to the antenna.  All the channels come in clear as a bell now (except during torrential rain!).

Highly recommend.

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5 of 5 7777 HD preamplifier October 15, 2019
Reviewer: Bob Stockdale from 20 miles west of Detroit  
Received it yesterday took down the old onn mounted on the mast at antenna set it on 30 decibels I have a hundred foot cable run what a difference all stations are crystal clear and picking up six extra channels that are coming in clear that used to say no signal name six are coming from Toledo Ohio 50 miles away on the backside of the antenna for a grand total of 64 channels happy happy happy now for the real test to see if it lasts

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5 of 5 Signal Booster August 29, 2019
Reviewer: S.B. from DFW  
I had removed the previous one, as it finally "gave up the ghost". My signal strength on average was down to 30 - 35. Now it is 70 - 75. I actually have the antenna indoors. I expect if it is moved to the attic or the roof, the signal will increase. When you are a cord cutter or mostly, a signal booster is a must.

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5 of 5 Cut the Cable August 29, 2019
Reviewer: David from Willoughby Ohio  
Well if I had only know!  Save your self a lot of trouble.  Several times up and down the ladder(2 stories).  If you live any more than 30 miles from the antennas buy the EXTREMEtenna 80 and the CM-7777HD dual gain preamp.  Install the antenna as high as you can. I went the one at a time way and wasted a lot of time.  Set the preamp to max.  The EXTREMEtenna 80 is the best out there. I had cell towers in the area and needed the filte.  With the preamp I now receive 25 plus stations verses 10 with just the antenna.  I credit the filter in the preamp for most of the stations and the the preamp for the 4 to 5 out of 5 signal gain.  I am in the Cleveland Ohio area and am near the shoreline.  The drop off area.  With a simple roof top antenna I got 5 channels.  Spend the money up front and being done with it.  I am using HDHomerun, Channel Masters has a similar device, and watch TV in any room with a smart TV.  I am using both hard wire and wifi.  I like to have a back up system.

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