Coax+ 500' Black Coaxial Cable (Professional-Grade)



Coax+ is a high-end, professional-grade RG-6 coaxial cable exclusively designed by Channel Master with enhanced shielding for maximum protection against EMI(electromagnetic interference) and RF (radio frequency) interference which can cause TV antenna reception issues. To even further mitigate potential reception issues, Coax+ cable is one of the lowest signal-loss cables on the market. Coax+ is constructed using the highest quality copper-clad steel center conductor, dielectric material, aluminum shielding and PVC jacket designed for extended life when used outdoors in extreme weather conditions from -40° F to +140° F. Coax+ Cable is ETL listed and CM rated making it suitable for all indoor and outdoor antenna, cable TV and satellite installations including in-wall applications. Channel Master Coax+ comes in various lengths and colors including this model CM-3700B which is 500 feet in length and black in color.

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Channel Master’s Coax+ coaxial cable solution was designed for professional installers and do-it-yourselfers that want their installations to perform at the highest quality possible and hold up over a long period of time. Cable+ coaxial cable can easily be pulled from the coil or used with Channel Master’s refillable Coax+ Cable and Toolbag system for professional installers.

Coax+ is a professional-grade 75ohm impedance coaxial cable designed in the USA by one of the most experienced teams of coaxial cable engineers in the world. Most quality coaxial cables are specifically engineered to meet specifications set forth by the cable TV and Satellite industry. Channel Master’s Coax+ cable not only meets the exact high standards of the cable and satellite industry, but it’s also specifically optimized for over-the-air TV antenna frequencies providing the least amount of signal-loss (Attenuation) in that band (54Mhz-600Mhz). The center conductor is constructed of copper-covered steel and the shielding of 77% aluminum braid plus added shielding tapes over the dielectric and over the braid, which provides the best shielding effectiveness of any tri-shield cable in the industry, and performs better than quad-shield cable overextended life testing. This coaxial cable also meets National Electric Code (NEC) 820 for CATV and has been third party UL tested and listed with Intertek ETL with a CM rating suitable for in-wall use and UL1581 for UV and sunlight resistance.

Some of the most important technical specifications of coaxial cable are for structural return loss and shielding effectiveness. Structural return loss is the return loss of a cable relative to its own impedance based on the uniformity of the cable construction. Shielding effectiveness is the definition of how effective the cable shielding performs to prevent unwanted RF and EMI interference. Coax+ cable exceeds the industry standard in both of these areas. The structural return loss properties of Coax+ ensure maximum performance after normal bending and handling during installation. The shielding effectiveness of Coax+ is excellent for over-the-air antenna installations and outperforms cables marketed as “Quad Shield”.

One of the biggest design benefits of Coax+ cable is its ease of use when installing coaxial connectors. Coax+ is manufactured in Europe with precision to guarantee 100% of the cable is to specification. Many lower-end cables on the market tend not to meet exact specifications and even the smallest imperfection can make connector installation very painful. Channel Master Coax+ guarantees a hassle-free connector installation each and every time.

If you are a professional installer, handyman, or weekend antenna installation warrior, don’t waste your time and money on cheap coaxial cable. Avoid having to worry about coming back and replacing cable installed in the wall, in the attic, or up high on a tower. Make every one of your installations high quality from end to end with Channel Master’s Coax+ cable.

What’s Included

Cable+ 500 FT Coil of Coaxial Cable (Black)
1-Year Limited Warranty


Connects Cable TV, Satellite, Antenna and Other TV Reception Devices
HD and Digital Ready
Low Signal Loss
Refillable Coil for Coax+ Cable and Toolbag System
Enhanced Shielding for Maximum Protection Against EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RF (Radio Frequency) Interference for Improved Antenna Reception
ETL Listed and CM Rated Making it Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Installations in Any Climate
Outperforms Cables Marketed as "Quad-Shield"

Tech Specs


Cable Type RG6
Cable Impedance 75 Ohms
Length 500 FT
Color Black
ETL/UL CM Listed Yes (Suitable for In-Wall Use)
Shielding Premium 77% Aluminum Shielding that Outperforms Quad-Shielded Cable
Rating Up to 3Ghz
Loss Low
Outdoor Use Anti-Corrision Protection for Outdoor Use
Compatible Signal OTA TV Antenna, Cable TV and Satellite

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