The FLATenna+ Amplified indoor TV antenna consists of our popular and highly regarded FLATenna indoor antenna and our MicroAmp indoor antenna amplifier. The FLATenna is already regarded as one of the best performing indoor TV antennas on the market. The FLATenna+ will increase signal strength providing increased channel reception and reducing issues with channels having poor signal quality. The included amplifier (MicroAmp) has been fine-tuned for optimal performance when used with the FLATenna. If an indoor antenna is your only option, the FLATenna+ is one of the best options on the market. It is easy to install and provides the flexibility of adding amplification to boost signals in indoor environments where OTA signal is hard to receive.

FLATenna+ was designed to be a low-cost yet high-performance amplified indoor TV antenna. Channel Master customers have had great success with our original FLATenna and the FLATenna+ is an enhanced version that adds amplification. The included amplifier (MicroAmp) uses a USB type connection to power the amplifier directly from the USB port on your TV or from a standard electrical wall outlet. The antenna is easy to install and includes adhesive tabs that make it simple to attach it to the wall without making holes or damaging the wall. The FLATenna+ has an increased reception range of up to 50 miles in areas with strong signals.

What’s Included

FLATenna (CM-4001HDBW)
MicroAmp (CM-7776)
Power Inserter (CM-7777HDXPI)
Mini USB Power Cord
USB Power Adapter
Coaxial Cable
Adhesive Strips for Mounting
Instruction Sheet
1-Year Limited Warranty


Reception Range Up to 50 Miles
Type Indoor
Reception Pattern Omni-directional
Amplifier Included Yes
Installation Wall, Window
Paintable Match Your Home's Décor (Non-Metallic Paint Only)

Tech Specs

Antenna Specifications

VHF Gain 3 dB
UHF Gain 6 dB
Impedance 75 Ohm

Amplifier Specifications

Impedance (Input and Output) 75 Ohm
Connector F-type
Frequency Range 50MHz~700MHz
Gain 10dB
Noise Figure 3.5dB
UL listed Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
Input Return Loss <-6.5
Output Return Loss <-10
Size (Product) 13.5L x 10.75H x 0.75W in
Weight (Product) 1 lb 3.5 oz


Choose a Model

35 MI Range Antenna
50 MI Range Antenna

Customer Reviews

Based on 249 reviews
Surprisingly, one of, if not the best, indoor TV antennas on the market

We use the antenna when we go on vacation to places that don’t provide cable. We also use it for our portable TV at the beach. We tried a number of antennas, and this one appears to be the best. Then, it’s also flexible since you can place it anywhere. It comes with long strands of high-quality RG-6 cable.

Works great!

I bought a portable tv/dvd player combo that came with an external antenna that was a joke, got 4-8 channels that pixelated. With this one from Channel Master I get 33 clear channels. Works for me!

3rd antenna

It works as advertised, I can pick up signals from 60+ range consistently and 70+ range in some locations around the house. The beauty of this antenna is I can move it to pick up a signal. I just bought my 3rd antenna for a new TV.

Randy Ruemler
Great solution for my situation

Since I went to streaming and cut the cord with Cable/Uverse and wanted as a backup in case of internet outage. I am in a suburban area and a lot of channels are available but compromised appearance and results. I get 33 channels on first scan and moved on side of tv and got 20 channels. I get the CBS, FOX and ION channel. I was very surprised by the results. I doubt it would work in fringe areas. Happy with the purchase.

Jack Kowalczyk
Easy Peasy

I setup the antenna on a temporary basis to check out the installation process and the performance of the unit. It was simple to install and I picked up 63 HD channels on my first scan. Some of the channels were pixelated (which I attributed to the location of the antenna), some didn't have programming at the time, quite a few were of no interest to me (which is not an issue), but the ones I really valued came in crystal clear! My plan is to permanently install the antenna in my attic which will improve reception and hide all of the hardware. Thank you Channel Master for a great, inexpensive solution to watching TV.