Pro-Model UHF/VHF TV Antenna



The Channel Master Pro-Model antenna is a professional-grade outdoor TV antenna designed for both commercial and residential applications. The Pro-Model outdoor TV antenna is optimized to receive all US broadcast TV frequencies, including digital, HD and NextGen TV signals. The antenna is intended for anyone looking for a well-constructed outdoor TV antenna with excellent signal reception properties and a sleek design that elegantly presents itself in commercial and high-end residential environments. (Includes heavy-duty mounting bracket for attaching the antenna to a pole; eave mount and mounting pole are not included)  (The Pro-Model Antenna is most commonly purchased with the Pro-Mount and the Pro-Tube 30" Mast.)
- Patented (U.S. Patent No. 11,532,885)

The Channel Master Pro-Model outdoor TV antenna was designed to be the highest quality TV antenna on the market. Channel Master's 70-year history designing, manufacturing, and selling television antennas leads the industry with popular antenna models designed for professionals, including our CM-3020 Advantage 100 and CM-4228HD EXTREMEtenna 80 antennas.  Through the years, installers and industry experts touted these professional models as the best outdoor TV antennas.

As the industry evolves and the abundance of inadequate quality TV antennas continue entering the market, Channel Master constantly receives feedback from professionals and end-users, praising the quality and performance of our TV antenna products.  Heeding this feedback, our team of design engineers and industry analysts determined a need for a professional quality TV antenna leveraging the signal reception performance and manufacturing quality of our traditional antenna designs including enhancements making it more aesthetically pleasing and smaller in size. The Channel Master Pro-Model antenna brings together the best of our most popular professional antenna models along with a compact and sleek profile, satisfying even the most meticulous homeowner association.  (FCC Regulation - Home owners associations (HOA's) cannot stop you from installing an outdoor TV antenna.  Click here to learn more)

Reception Range up to 70 Miles from Broadcast Towers

Competitor TV antennas typically claim anywhere from 50 to 250-mile reception ranges; however, they are rarely tested and confirmed to receive signals from these distances. The Channel Master Pro-Model antenna was designed in the US and tested approximately 70 miles from the Phoenix, Arizona broadcast towers and confirmed to receive excellent signal reception from all major broadcast networks.  In addition, the Pro-Model antenna underwent comprehensive beta-testing in multiple different locations across the US.  The beta tests were performed by a list of strategically selected Channel Master Authorized Dealers with years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing TV antenna systems.

Optimized for UHF and VHF Frequencies

The new Pro-Model antenna is designed to optimize the recent “Post Repack” frequencies up to 608MHz.  Eliminating the need to receive frequencies above 608MHz allowed significant improvements to the primary frequencies, maximizing reception and minimizing the overall size. The Pro-Model antenna has impressive realized passive gain across both UHF and VHF bands up to 9.7dB.

Upgradeable - Built for the Future

The Pro-Model antenna's design includes a modular approach ideal for areas requiring additional gain or future applications when broadcasters re-arrange broadcast signals and/or frequencies.  Element sections can be attached improving the reception (gain) of VHF frequencies, UHF frequencies or both. In addition to upgradability, the modular design enables the antenna to be repaired by making antenna elements replaceable. When VHF and UHF extensions are added to the base Pro-Model antenna, 2dB to 10dB increases in realized passive gain can be achieved respectively by frequency.

Built to Last

As with all Channel Master products, the quality of materials and product craftsmanship is our highest priority. The Pro-Model is assembled and packaged at Channel Master's Chandler, Arizona corporate headquarters. The antenna boom and elements are made from high-quality 6061 and 6063 aluminum and extruded, cut and drilled in the United States. The Pro-Model's design is intended to reduce the amount of plastic required; however, for a few plastic parts on the antenna, they are injection molded locally from high-quality UV resistant ASA and PVC materials.

CM-1776 Pro-Model Antenna Banner on Black Background Angle View


Outdoor TV Antenna

CM-1776 Pro-Model Antenna Aluminum Parts on Black Background
CM-1776 Injection Molded Plastics on Black Background

Built to Last

  • Made in USA - Manufactured in Chandler, Arizona
  • Premium Materials - Antenna Boom and Elements are Made from High-Quality 6061, 6063 Aluminum
  • Minimal Amount of Plastic - Injection Molded Locally from High-Quality UV Resistant ASA and PVC Materials

Receives UHF, VHF and Low VHF Frequencies

  • Updated Design - Optimized for the Recent “Post Repack” Frequencies up to 608 MHz
  • Compact Size - Sleek and Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  • Future-Proof - Will Support ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV and 4K Broadcasts when Available
CM-1776 Pro-Model Antenna Finished Installation
CM-1776 Pro-Model Antenna Balun Matching Transformer

Professional-Grade 75 Ohm Balun Matching Transformer

  • High Performance -  Enhanced Circuit Board Design and Low Insertion Loss
  • Material - Weatherproof Metal Housing
  • Replaceable Leads - Preventative Maintenance Measure

Upgradeable Modular Design

  • UHF Extension - Available Front Add-on Section Improves Range and Reception Performance for UHF Frequencies
  • VHF Extension - Available Rear Add-on Section Improves Range and Reception Performance for VHF Frequencies
  • Replaceable Elements - Modular Design Enables the Antenna to be Repaired by Making Antenna Elements Replaceable
CM-1776 Pro-Model Antenna UHF Extension Connection
CM-1776 Pro-Model Antenna VHF Extension Connection Wide View

What’s Included

Pro-Model TV Antenna
Assembly Hardware
Mounting Bracket (Pole Not Included)
Installation Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty


Up to 70 Mile Reception Range (Up to 100 Miles with VHF and UHF Extensions)
Receives UHF, VHF and Low VHF Frequencies
Mostly Metal Construction
UV Resistant Plastics
Powder Coated Boom and Mounting Bracket
Zinc Coated Steel Screws and Hardware
Sleek and Aesthetically Pleasing Design
Will Support ATSC 3.0, NextGen TV, and 4K Broadcast when Available
Heavy-Duty Metal Balun / Transformer Included
Easy to Assemble and Mount on a Mast/Pole (Mast/Pole Not Included)


Tech Specs

Impedance (Input and Output) 75 Ohm
Connector F-type
Frequency Range 54MHz~216MHz & 470MHz~608MHz
UHF Realized Gain 9.7dB (Max)
VHF Realized Gain
5.9dB (Max)
UHF Front to Back Ratio
VHF Front to Back Ratio 9.8dB
Mounting Bracket Supports up to 2" Diameter Mast/Pole
Standoff Distance 4.375 in
Size (Product) 36 x 36 x 1.34 in (Not Including Mount)
Size (Packaging) 37.75 x 9.85 x 3.25 in
Weight (Product) 3 lb
Weight (Packaging) <4.5 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 472 reviews
Free TV

So far so good. Simple and easy to put together and once mounted on the roof I now have 60 or so Chicago / South Bend channels.

Fantastic Antenna!!!!!

Hello all, just installed my Pro Model outdoor tv antenna and I am ecstatic!!!!!!! 66 channels, best reception ever in my area of Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati! I love it! Hope it lasts a long, long time! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for great services and technical support, go with Channel Master! I pointed my antenna and got it on the first try, installation was very easy, and I am over the moon! Best purchase ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Channel Master for the best product ever!


Well built. Easy to put together. Works great

Pro Model CM-1776

Great upgrade - I replaced a Channel Master Advantage 45 to pull in a station that was on the fringe of the 45 mile range. Also just wanted a newer antenna to be honest about it.
The CM-1776 Pro Model works great - got the missing station, and as far as build quality - it is well made, very well made.
Other purchases from Channel Master are the same - my old Advantage 45 was on the roof for 12 years - all fittings were in tact - nothing sun-baked to the point of becoming brittle. The antenna held up to the elements as expected. I expect the CM-1776 will as well.

American made quality at its best.

As the long time owner of a machine & restoration shop I can honestly say this antenna is top quality workmanship. Excellent materials and finish with common sense assembly directions. Thanks for keeping "Made in America" quality alive.