The Best Antenna for Amazon Fire TV Recast

While we'd love to hear that you purchased a Channel Master Stream+ OTA DVR, we understand that some consumers will choose to go with the Amazon Fire TV Recast OTA DVR solution. That's okay because Channel Master is still here to help you select the best antenna for Amazon Fire TV Recast.

For the best experience with your Amazon Fire TV Recast device, we always recommend an outdoor TV antenna. We recommend a high-quality outdoor antenna for many reasons. First, when an antenna is mounted outdoors and at a height above the roofline of your home, you will not have to deal with the obstructions that work against indoor antennas when trying to receive a good quality signal. Second, common building materials used in walls such as concrete, wood, aluminum, and insulation just to name a few will cause signal loss, as will interference from other electronics in the home. Channel Master offers several different models of outdoor TV antennas. If you are interested other antennas or want to compare all of our models, you may want to take our antenna selection guide for a spin.

You may be thinking to yourself that an outdoor antenna sounds great but for one reason or another you are unable to install an outdoor antenna. You don't stand alone, this is very common for consumers. If you live in an apartment complex you may not have the flexibility of installing an outdoor TV antenna or maybe you are in a house but you just do not have the physical or technical ability to mount the antenna and install a cables from the antenna to your TV. Because of these reasons there is a big market for Indoor TV antennas.

Based on what you now know, if you are one of those that will have no choice but to use an indoor TV antenna with your Amazon Fire TV recast device, you will want to buy the most robust and versatile indoor TV antenna on the market. Channel Master is the only manufacturer on the market with an antenna that uses the patented "Active Steering Technology" making the Smartenna+ the most robust and versatile indoor TV antenna on the market and we are certain it is the best antenna for Amazon Fire TV Recast.

The Smartenna+ is an amplified flat indoor TV antenna which leverages it's high gain and internal filtering to provide the best signal reception possible from an indoor antenna of its size. The Smartenna+ consistently outperforms its completion in our lab tests with total number of channels received. The Smartenna+ is an amazing antenna but even with Active Steering Technology there can be unavoidable challenges when trying to receive signal from an indoor TV antenna. If you have no other choice but to go with an indoor antenna the Smartenna+ is the only TV antenna on the market that gives the user the flexibility of optimizing the antennas internal reception patterns to help reduce the inherent issues from building material obstructions and other interferences. The user experience is straight forward as well. When you are having a signal issue with a certain channel, simply press the button on the antenna to cycle through the other antenna patterns to search for better reception for that channel. In addition to industry leading signal range and performance, the active steering technology positions the Smartenna+ as the best antenna for Amazon Fire TV Recast device because it is designed to provide reliable performance regardless of where you decide to install it and the Amazon Fire TV recast in your home.

At Channel Master, we believe in straight forward marketing and that's why we do not make claims of 100+ miles as many of our competitors do. We mention this because you may be wondering why this indoor antenna is priced at $89 and we don't even specify its mileage capability. The answer is simple, we know there a lot of marketing claims overstate mileage of 100 or 120 miles. Don't worry about mileage, we believe our Smartenna+ with Active Steering Technology is far superior to any other indoor TV antenna on the market and if this antenna does not receive a channel then it's highly unlikely you will find another indoor TV antenna that will.