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An OTA DVR and Streaming Box for Antenna Owners

with subscription-free channel guide and recording



Supports Ultra HD TVs and High Dynamic Range for stunning visuals.

Stream+ Remote
Built-In Dual TV Tuners Watch one program while recording another
or record two at the same time
Stream+ Dual Tuners
Subscription-free OTA DVR* Pause, rewind and record live TV.
Schedule single recording
or an entire series.
Stream+ Google Live *DVR Requires 1TB External
Hard Drive (not included)

Pre-Installed Google Live Channels App

Leverages the Stream+ tuner when connected to an Indoor or Outdoor TV antenna.

Access streaming services and more with the Google™ Play store.

streaming apps and live broadcast TV

Easily jump back and forth between streaming apps and live broadcast TV.

Voice Remote Control Say it. Search it.
On-Screen Channel Guide* See what's on your
antenna channels
*Google™ Live Channels Guide


Spice things up

*Coming Soon

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