5 Home Entertainment Ideas For The Family

Looking for fresh home entertainment ideas for the family? Maybe you can't think of a gift for someone who seems to already have everything. Maybe you are that someone. Maybe you simply want to add some fun to your house for yourself, the family, or the dog. Whatever the case may be, check out these five unique home entertainment ideas for you and your family. From an indoor TV antenna to a cotton candy machine, these ideas are sure to please.

1) Channel Master

Speaking of home entertainment ideas for the family, let's start with free TV! That's right, Channel Master TV antennas have given households TV freedom for over 70 years. Channel Master offers both indoor TV antennas and outdoor TV antennas that pick up over-the-air broadcasting, bringing your favorite major networks to your home without that cable bill. Channel Master TV antennas offer a variety of sizes and signal ranges to fit everyone's TV-watching needs.

2) Heated slippers

With winter approaching, it becomes nearly impossible to walk around the house barefoot without risking cold toes. There aren't enough socks in the sock drawer to warm your feet, and you can only sit in the bathtub for so long. You might already own a pair of fluffy slippers, but chances are you don't own fluffy heated slippers. With a handy USB cord, simply plug your slippers into a laptop, lamp, or outlet and they'll heat up in no time. Toasty toes are on their way!

3) Essential oil diffuser

If you're worried about the little ones knocking over a candle or getting burned by the melted wax, try out an essential oil diffuser. This gadget is similar to a humidifier, but with less humidity and more lavender, citrus, and mint scents. Imagine a day at the spa, but in your living room. Simply fill up the diffuser with water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oils--your house will be smelling fresh in no time!

4) Cotton Candy Machine

Bring the carnival to your kitchen with a cotton candy machine. This is a fun surprise for kids and adults alike. With a little bit of sugar, and a lot of laughs, you can create massive clouds of puffed candy in colorful hues and crafty flavors. This snack will add an heir of whimsy to any movie night, plus the sweet treat pairs perfectly with a bowl of salty popcorn. Our mouths are watering already!

5) Smartphone-controlled LED bulb

Forget the days of manually turning off your lights. Now you can do it from your smartphone. With this smartphone-controlled LED bulb, you can dim the lights, or change the color of the room with the tap of a finger. Bored of bright white light? Flash some fluorescent blues. Looking to wind down before bed? Try out a warm pink. This is the gift you never knew you needed.

Speaking of gifts, with the holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to try out these unique home entertainment ideas. You'll love them so much, they'll end up in everyone's stocking!