Amplified Indoor TV Antenna with Active Steering Technology
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Price: $89.00

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SMARTenna+ is an amplified, maximum-range indoor TV antenna that houses seven different "virtual" TV antennas inside a single device. The internal processor analyzes the TV signals and automatically selects the best reception pattern to deliver the maximum number of channels and the best signal quality. It's the world's smartest indoor TV antenna and a breakthrough in quality and convenience for consumers.

SMARTenna+ is the world's first smart, processor-enabled indoor TV antenna available to consumers. Designed by Channel Master and enabled by Active Steering™ Technology from Ethertronics, SMARTenna+ is seven virtual TV antennas in one, with both automated and push-button scanning for channel-by-channel tuning from seven different antenna configurations.

With built in amplification and noise filtering, the SMARTenna+ automatically finds the optimal antenna settings for the available channels, with the option for fine-tuning via a push-button control. This powerful combination provides both convenience and flexibility while maximizing the number of channels received across all VHF and UHF channels.

Getting started with SMARTenna+ is fast and easy. In approximately five minutes, the SMARTenna+ scans all seven antenna configurations and determines the optimal antenna setting to receive the most channels at the installed location.

Active Steering Technology

Active Steering Technology applies smart processing to advanced design to enable virtual steering of the antenna to maximize TV channel reception.

At initial setup, SMARTenna+ scans the antenna configurations, analyzes the results, and selects the configuration that delivers the greatest number of channels. This optimized mode is then selected as the default antenna setting.

By leveraging advanced antenna design and intelligent processing, SMARTenna+ is able to eliminate over 90 percent of indoor reception issues that are commonly due to placement and movement.

Patented Push-On Mini Coax Connectors

In addition to advanced steering reception technology, the unique mini coax connector uses patented compression technology for retention and shielding. This enables an easy "Push On" mechanism to attach the coax cable to the antenna. This eliminates the inconvenience of "screw on" that comes with traditional thick coaxial cables. No details are too small to enhance consumer’s experience.

Reception Optimization and Ease of Use

Indoor broadcast TV reception is generally challenging due to variables such as metal and concrete construction materials, RF interference from household electronics, and changes in the physical environment after initial antenna placement.

Traditionally, the only way to improve signal reception in these instances has been to manually adjust the antenna's position or to physically move the antenna to a different location.

SMARTenna+ is the first indoor TV antenna to tackle these common reception issues through the use of smart processing that can detect and choose the optimum antenna configuration, while providing both the convenience of initial automatic scanning and the flexibility of fine tuning at the push of a button.

What’s Included

6' Mini Coaxial Cable
16' Mini Coaxial Cable
Power Supply
Quick Start Guide
1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty


Maximum signal range beyond the typical mileage promised by standard indoor TV antennas
Receives the most channels at the highest possible quality with Channel Master's exclusive Active Steering Technology
Fine-tune reception at the push of a button (No repositioning of the antenna required)
Low-Noise Amplifier boosts poor quality signals without adding noise and interference
Built-in LTE Filtering eliminates interference and pixelation caused by cellular signals
Receives VHF and UHF standard and high definition digital broadcasts
Modern design with high-end look offers black and white options for versatile and aesthetically pleasing placement
Professional quality miniature coaxial cable with patented push-on connectors and an innovative power supply make for quick and easy installation

One Year Limited Warranty Limited Warranty

parts and labor One year of parts and labor (software and batteries not included)
support 90 days of phone support
Channel Master SMARTenna Plus (CM-3001HD)
SMARTenna+ User Guide (CM-3001HD)
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Channel Master August 27, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Indiana  
was able to easily set up and use this product

All the available channels in my viewing area came in crisp and clean.  there is no discernible difference in reception from morning till night

The built in amplifier works great -  allows me to position the antenna with a longer cable to get maximum reception.  
This is not intended to be a  long range antenna -  but in my area there are two towers about 170 degrees away from each other.  That made getting them with a single indoor antenna a problem.   This fixed that.

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A huge upgrade from the previous antenna August 27, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
We live in a very urban area with lots of buildings and tall trees, and use an antenna connected to a Tablo to stream to TVs in the house. The previous antenna was a highly-rated, 50-mile-range, flat one from another company. That one worked "okay" under pristine conditions once I found the optimal place in the house for it. But the signal was often choppy and degraded, causing frustration with recordings and streaming. pointed me to installing the SMARTenna+, which has grabbed strong signals for all the channels--even during inclement weather so far. I am so glad we bought this, and wish we had done so sooner!

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Solid Performance July 12, 2018
Reviewer: Taking Back the Airwaves from Darien CT  
We are right at the 50 mile range for broadcast signals and have them from three directions. Upstairs I had been using two Leafs with a jointenna. When the channel repack started I lost two of the four major networks, and a third was on life support. I now have one Smartenna and have everything that is available (except the local ABC broadcast). We've ordered Smartennas for the other rooms in the house. Very satisfied. Hoping it holds up for the long haul because it is being exposed to sunlight in the window, and will face extreme temps in the summer and winter.

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Smartenna July 10, 2018
Reviewer: Calvin from Eastern North Carolina  
The antenna worked very well in my test location but it was not nearly as effective in the location originally intended.  However I liked it so much that I am going to use it in the test location for another television.  It is easy to setup, works as advertised and came as a very neat package overall.

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SMARTenna July 10, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Austin TX 78731  
So much more powerful than the one I bought from a big box store.  No more dragging a coaxial cable around the room to a window or wall.  It sits on top of my TV, 6 feet from a window, and works beautifully.

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