Cut the Cord: How to Watch CBS Without Cable

For nearly one hundred years CBS has been providing America with the latest news, the most exciting sporting events, and many riveting programs. Its reach spreads across both radio and television and remains one of the top television networks. As the cord-cutting revolution continues its course, there are more options now than ever before when it comes to streaming over-the-air broadcasts. That means that viewers have more options to enjoy CBS presentations.

Here is how to watch CBS without cable so you can skip the expensive cable packages without missing your favorite shows.

4 Foolproof Ways on How To Watch CBS Without Cable

Install a TV Antenna

Before the days of cable, there was one way to watch CBS at home with the family using over-the-air programming. That is still possible today. Technology has come a long way in this department and is one of the least talked about aspects of the cord-cutting revolution.

Here at Channel Master, we are ahead of the curve. We provide both indoor and outdoor antennas equipped with smart technologies to transmit your favorite shows onto your television. And, perhaps best of all, this is done without the hassle of a hefty cable bill. With our antenna selection guide, you are able to make sure every channel you want is available in your area. Also, this guide will help you choose the best antenna based on your address and zip code to measure the distance from the broadcasting towers.

Sign Up for Live Streaming

CBS has not fallen out of touch while other entertainment outlets change their outreach approach. Streaming has changed how individuals watch TV and CBS offers their CBS All-Access service for people who love their programming. With live streaming, there is no need to pay for multiple channels you do not watch. The packages are much smaller and are centered toward specific viewers. Do you mostly watch sports on CBS? All that programming is included in their premium service and much more.

Opt for On Demand

Additional streaming services like Netflix and Sling offer select CBS shows on-demand for viewers. The subscriptions to these sites are affordable and options abound. The only setback to this feature is that many CBS shows on these services are usually a season behind. On some, there is no opportunity to stream live. There is a convenience to these particular options, in other words, but there are also limitations. Still, the possibilities are a step in the right direction and provide several CBS shows at an excellent price.

Watch CBS Online

CBS shows can also be watched through several online devices at home. From mobile phones to gaming consoles, CBS offers excellent coverage of their sporting events and their television programs. You can watch CBS shows on your laptop with a subscription to their streaming service or through other applications as well. There is no need for pricey cable packages. The shows you are looking to watch can be available to you with the touch of a button.

Make the Switch to Watch CBS Anytime

The time has come to be part of the cord-cutting movement and informing yourself is the first step toward doing so. Now you know how to watch CBS without cable, or any other primary channel for that matter. With all the fantastic options available there is no excuse to pay more. Discover the world of entertainment all over again! There has never been a more exciting time to do so.