Gifting Entertainment: Idea Guide to Creative Gifts for TV Lovers

There is nothing quite like kicking back and enjoying your favorite TV shows at home. For that TV lover in your life, you know there are plenty of gifts that you can give to make their day. We have set up a guide here for you that includes some of the latest and most innovative gadgets out there for entertainment.

Choose one of these gifts for TV lovers and surely that special person in your life will appreciate it.


The SMARTenna+

The professionals at Channel Master have over 70 years of experience in the over-the-air TV antenna industry. Their SMARTenna+ is their crown jewel. The SMARTenna+ is an indoor TV antenna that has an internal processor to analyze TV signals and quickly selects the soundest pattern. This maximizes the number of channels the TV receives over-the-air and boosts the signal for clarity as well. The device possesses superior capabilities and is, without a doubt, an excellent gift for TV lovers.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an excellent gift for the TV lover you know. Amazon's premier streaming device offers countless shows live or on demand via services like Sling. From Netflix to Hulu, there is little that this incredible tool cannot do. Portable and sleek, this can be an excellent addition to any home. For a TV lover, it has hours of entertainment in store.


Stream+ Over-The-Air DVR and Media Player

Channel Master is at it again with this fantastic accessory that is suitable for any antenna. The Stream+ offers the ability to stream your favorite shows for any of your favorite streaming services while also boasting DVR capabilities. This device includes an on-screen channel guide that allows you to view the schedule of your favorite over-the-air TV shows up to 14 days in advance. Also, you have the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV with this device. Equipped with a dynamic interface, you are able to navigate between live TV, DVR, and your favorite streaming apps, which eliminates the need to switch between devices. Find out how much you can save today with the Stream+.

Samsung HW N950 Dolby Atmos Soundbar

A great viewing experience needs excellent sound. If you are feeling extra generous, you can dazzle with a Samsung HW N950 Dolby Atmos Soundbar. The smooth yet powerful device has thrilling 3D surround sound that is crisp. It is powered by 17 speakers that include upward and side-firing options to cover all angles. The bar will give new meaning to “immersion” and is a quality gift that all will appreciate.


DVD Boxsets

Any kind of DVD or Blu Ray boxset is sure to be a hit with a TV lover. This is especially true if you know their favorite show. This gift is inexpensive and is quite thoughtful, too. If you have a good idea of what shows the TV lover you know watches, make your way to your nearest DVD retailer.

Drinking Glasses and Mugs

There is nothing like a drink in your hand while you watch the game or the latest episode of your favorite TV show. A glass or a mug can be an excellent gift for a TV lover you know. If you can find one with a line from their favorite show, that's even better.

Happy Shopping!

What are you waiting for? It is time to go shopping! There are so many ways to enjoy television and so many things that can make the experience all the better. Help enhance someone's TV viewing experience today!