5 Free TV Options - How To Get Free TV

Between cable, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime TV, do you ever feel overwhelmed paying for these overpriced services? All you want to do is flip on the TV and watch your favorite shows. Wouldn't it be nice to do just that without paying an arm and a leg for a streaming service? Well here it is! We've compiled 5 free TV options to save you money without sacrificing entertainment.

Channel Master's indoor TV antenna

Channel Master's SMARTenna+ is not a regular indoor TV antenna. It's sleek, modern and blends in perfectly to any home entertainment center. It houses seven different virtual antennas in one compact design, all to bring you the maximum number of channels with the highest quality. Did we mention it's super easy to install? Thanks to the professional quality miniature coaxial cable, patented push-on connectors and and innovative power supply, you can set up your antenna and be watching free tv in no time. It looks great, it provides the highest quality and it's easy to install - now that's sounds like one of the best free tv options to us!

Channel Master's outdoor TV antennas

Channel Master also offers a vast supply of outdoor TV antennas. These outdoor antennas are perfect for those who may be further away from metropolitan areas. Channel Master offers antennas that have a variety of signal ranges, that way you can pick an antenna to fit your specific needs. These outdoor antennas are designed to be as sleek as possible and built with every weather condition in mind.


TV.com is another resource for those looking for free tv options. This site streams your local television programing schedule, allowing you to stay in the loop and watch what you want. Still searching, but can't find the live version of the show you're looking for? No worries, the site offers multiple free networks where you can watch the rerun.

Visit the Network Websites

Whether you enjoy PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, or something else, your favorite major network most likely has a website that streams episodes the day after they air. If you can't seem to find the most recent episode online, odds are you can at least catch up on past seasons. The best part about visiting these websites is that you can typically watch these shows at no cost to you. If you're not sure where to start, try out some of these popular networks:

Freeform (formerly ABC Family)

Crackle TV

Perhaps you've heard of this service before. Originally called "Grouper" before being bought out by Sony Entertainment in 2006, this site is similar to Hulu or Netflix. Crackle TV houses a plethora of movies and TV episodes, the only difference being that Crackle TV runs ads. However, don't let a few advertisements deter you from this free service. With shows and movies rotating on a monthly basis, you can binge-watch to your heart's content, and still not get bored.

Whichever you settle on, be it an indoor TV antenna or any of these other free tv options, you can rest easy knowing you got the best deal--free TV!