Streaming Services For Sports

What's your game? Whether it's football, baseball, golf, hockey, or pickleball, you have to get your daily fix. The only thing standing between you and an afternoon of relaxing replays, highlights, and live games, is the platform that you choose to watch these on. If you think cable is overpriced but you still want to support your favorite team, read ahead to discover the best streaming services for sports.

TV Antenna

Watching your favorite sports on live TV just got easier (and cheaper!) with Channel Master's SMARTenna+ indoor tv antenna. Take what you know about TV antennas and throw it out, because the SMARTenna+ is not your typical antenna. The SMARTenna+ has been called the world's smartest indoor tv antenna, and for good reason. The antenna houses 7 different "virtual" antennas to help identify the best reception patterns and deliver the maximum number of channels at the highest quality. By leveraging intelligent processing, the SMARTenna+ is able to eliminate over 90 percent of indoor reception issues that are typically due to placement and movement. And let's not forget, the SMARTenna+ was created with modern design in mind. It is sleek, small and blends in to your home entertainment center perfectly.

TV Service

A Hulu Live subscription is a terrific option for your sports fix. This $40 subscription lets you view traditional channels so that you can catch up on all of your games. With channels like ESPN and CBS Sports you'll have all of the best plays and shots at the touch of a button. Just a reminder that this is a specific package within Hulu and rounds, matches, and games may vary depending on your location.

NFL Game Pass

With a free trial for first time users, the NFL Game Pass is a stellar option for football fans specifically. For those who've already used this free trial you can expect to pay around $50. The NFL Game Pass more cost-effective than some of the other streaming services for sports, considering you can catch your favorite teams 24/7 from different devices. Now when your buddies won't stop raving about a play from last night's game, you can watch it and watch it again. With this pass you can be play the role of ref in the breakroom.


Football fans, listen close. The NFL app makes it easier to watch your favorite team at the tip of your fingers. On the bus and in the office, you can watch play-by-plays on your smartphone. In addition to live games and replays, one of the best features about this app is that you can set alerts for your team. Now when your phone buzzes you can expect exciting news from the app, and not just another work reminder.

Don't miss out on any play, match, or round. You know you're the team's lucky charm so don't give up on them simply because cable is too pricey. Take your pick from the more affordable streaming services for sports above. Whether you choose a TV antenna or an app, you are sure to stay on top of your game this season and the next.