5 Cable TV Alternatives

It's time to pay that cable bill again. Sigh. The cost keeps rising but nothing in your service is changing. You just want to watch your favorite TV shows at a decent price but don't know how to do it. Well, you're in luck! In this new age of cord cutting, a wide variety of cable TV alternatives have been stepping into the limelight - and for good reason. Each one offers unique features to take your viewing experience to the next level.

Take one step closer to cutting out the cable bill in your life by checking out our top 5 cable TV alternatives below.

TV Antenna

Channel Master TV antennas have been bringing TV freedom to homes for over 70 years. Channel Master offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor antennas to meet the needs of every TV watcher. Some of the main highlights of choosing Channel Master are: they offer it all (antennas, boxes, amplifiers - you name it!), an outstanding customer support system and their famous TV Antennas Selection Guide that helps you discover what antenna is right for you quickly and efficiently. Not to mention, Channel Master is continuously on the forefront of TV antenna technology. Their innovative indoor TV antenna, the SMARTenna+, has been hailed as "the world's smartest TV antenna." It houses 7 different antennas in one sleek and compact design. And last but not least, a one-time purchase of a Channel Master TV Antenna means saying goodbye to the month-over-month charges of that pesky cable bill.


Catch up on your favorite shows with Hulu. Offering hundreds of original programming and classic with this streaming service. Some of the highlights of having a Hulu subscription are that you can typically cancel at any time and there's an option for no ads. Hulu typically costs around $11.99 month without ads and costs $7.99 a month with ads. Hulu also offers different packages with live tv options, specifically for those interested in sports. Some of these packages may come at a higher price point.

YouTube TV

Yep, that's right! Everyone's favorite video service offers TV. As one of the most recent cable TV alternatives, YouTube TV launched in early 2017 and offers a variety of live TV networks. Youtube TV offers more than 60 live TV channels streamed via the internet as well as programming specific to the platform. Some of the other features include the ability to have up to 6 different accounts to meet the needs of every member of the family and notifications when you're show is on. Youtube TV also offers DVR capabilities that can allow you to record while you're streaming. The price point sits at around $40/month and can usually be cancelled at any time. YouTube TV is available in most U.S. metro cities but be sure to check the availability in your area before making the switch.

Amazon Prime Video

You buy your clothes from Amazon and your tech gadgets, why not your tv? Amazon Prime Video offers thousands of movies and TV shows and access to Amazon original shows. To get started you will need to become a Amazon Prime member. A membership costs around $12.99/month and also gives you access to the free two-day shipping on other Amazon products.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an online TV streaming platform. Pluto offers free content mainly curated from content that's already found online. Pluto does offer traditional network channels you are probably familiar with but in general, standard channels aren't on this platform. Pluto can be watched on desktop but most commonly is used as an app on streaming devices or on Smart TVs. Pluto doesn't offer traditional sports channels but fans of the bustling new world of internet content will enjoy it.