How to Watch the Super Bowl

The holidays may be over but the most wonderful time of year is almost here for sports fans - yes, we're talking about the Super Bowl! Your favorite teams are almost ready to battle it out on the field but do you know how you'll be watching? Because this year's big game is on CBS, you need to know how to watch the Super Bowl ahead of time. The good news is that we've gathered the top three viewing options all in one place just for you. Check out our picks below to learn how to watch the Super Bowl.

Indoor TV Antenna

Channel Master has been in the TV antenna game for 70 years. So, if you're wondering how to watch the Super Bowl, a TV antenna is the way to go. Channel Master's SMARTenna+ is the indoor TV antenna to beat them all. It houses seven different antennas in one sleek, modern design. With built-in amplification and noise filtering, the SMARTenna+ automatically finds the optimal antenna settings for the available channels. It also features an option for fine-tuning via a push-button control. The best part? The SMARTenna+ is easy to set up. Within five minutes, the SMARTenna+'s seven antennas are scanned and can determine the optimal settings to receive the most channels at the antennas location. Check out the Channel Master TV Antenna Selection Guide to see which one is the right antenna to help you watch the game on Super Bowl Sunday.


The CBS All Access subscription is a viable option for watching the Super Bowl. You can access live TV with this streaming service, as well as access to CBS show episodes too. CBS All Access is a service that can be used on multiple devices so you can start the Super Bowl from wherever you may be. CBS All Access offers a free trial during your first week. After the trial ends, you have the option to pay 5.99 per month with commercials or $9.99 per month commercial-free. It is important to note that some NFL games are available in certain areas. It's best to inquire beforehand to check the sports availability in your area.


Watching "The Greatest Show on Earth" is simple with the NFL app. The NFL app can be accessed on any of your smart devices with access to an app store. This way you can take your Super Bowl game with you wherever you go. The NFL app also allows you to watch other games leading up to the big day, as well as highlights and breaking news. Check the game availability for your area before diving into this digital option.

The biggest game of the year is almost here - which means you need to know how to watch the Super Bowl sooner rather than later. Before you fire up the grill, take your pick! From live viewing right on your television with a Channel Master TV antenna to a paid streaming option, there are variety of ways to watch. Pick a way to watch, start making your halftime snacks and invite the friends over because it's time to watch the biggest sporting event in the world.