TV Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor



The Channel Master TV Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor is designed to reduce the chances of damage to electronic equipment caused by lightning and electrical surges. Channel Master always recommends proper grounding of an outdoor antenna but in instances where a grounding solution was not installed, the TV Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor provides an added layer of protection to help reduce electronic equipment damage caused by lightning and electrical surges.

Reduce electrical & lightning surge damage to electronic devices connected to your coaxial cable including television’s, set top boxes, and other electronics equipment in your TV antenna setup by simply installing the coaxial surge suppressor in line prior to connecting the coaxial cable to your electronic equipment. The TV Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor is designed to withstand electrical surges up to 6kV/3Ka. Primarily designed to be used in TV antenna installations the TV Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor provides the same level of surge suppression in other coaxial installations such as Cable TV, Broadband Cable Internet, and Satellite TV systems. The TV Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor works by suppressing transient voltage surges and spikes on a coaxial cable network prior to them reaching and damaging expensive equipment such as televisions, set top boxes, DVR’s and other electronic equipment connected to the coaxial cable infrastructure. The TV Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor was designed with negligible signal loss (less than 0.2dB) when the signal passes through it preventing degradation to your signal or picture quality.

*This product is designed as a surge suppressor. It is not a lightning rod, does not replace proper grounding, and will not channel lightning to the earth to protect people or structures from injury or fire.

What’s Included

CM-3205 TV Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor
Instruction Sheet
1-Year Limited Warranty


Protects electronic devices from electrical surges
Small, Powerful, Robust
Simple to add to any device
Up to 6kV Surge Protection
Wide Band: 2.6GHz
Low Insertion Loss: 0.2dB
Excellent Return Loss
Class A RFI Shielding
Weather Resistant against moisture

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Item CM-3205
Impedance 75 Ohm
Frequency Range 5 - 2600 MHz
Insertion Loss 0.2dB (typical)
Return Loss 20dB (typical)
Power Passing N/A
Surge Protection IEC 61000-4-5 Level 6kV
Weight 0.55 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Frank M
Hope it's never needed

Installed easily onto the attic side of a coax ground block. There didn't seem to be much if any difference signal wise with or without the suppresser. I had a coax TV cable open up previously where a barrel connector coupled two cables together. Not sure if that was the result of lightning, but since I live in FL I decided to add a suppresser to my system after replacing the two piece downlead with a single run of RG6. The antenna mast is also grounded, so I'm hoping that if/when lightning strikes, all will be OK.

Mark L
Simple protection

Installed it a little downstream from the antenna but before the attic. I've seen a cable explode from lightning and it seems wise to keep that out of the attic.

Conrad R
Cut the cord

To everyone that don't have an antenna system, I would strongly recommend. this company and their antennas. I am picking up channels galore with HD clarity and also from far away.
There are several channels out there that we don't even know exist.

Trouble shoot possible lightning strike.

Had channels 8 through 55 missing. Bypassed
Everything still the same then remembered the lightning surpressor. Once the lightning surpressor was bypassed all channel are back. Never be without a lightning surpressor.

W. Carroll
The jury is still out

The Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor is something you hope you don't need. I've been through only two lightning storms since outdoor antenna and Lightning Surge Suppressor installation. Lightning was directly over house both times. So far, so good.