High Pass Filter 50 MHz



The Channel Master High Pass Filter improves over-the-air Antenna signals by filtering out noise and RF interference that can disrupt television reception.

The Channel Master High Pass Filter is designed to clear your OTA signal path from common interference for TV reception due to out of band frequencies below 54 MHz This device can be installed anywhere in the signal path prior to the Television tuner or ATSC Set-top box. It is recommended when using a pre-amplifier or distribution amplifier (amplified splitter) that a High Pass Filter be installed at the input of the first amplifier in the signal path. Installing prior to the amplifier will block these unwanted RF signals into the amplifier itself. This can keep your TV signals free of disruptive noise and unwanted signals below the TV Frequency band.

Channel Master highly recommends using a High Pass Filter with installations near Coastal Marine ports or in the proximity of Aeronautical Radio Navigation or Maritime Mobile and Marine Radio location communication. These frequencies as well as some Amateur Satellite transmissions can cause intermittent pixilation or even channel loss and can be especially disruptive when using an amplifier with your TV antenna.

This small device can also free your OTA signal path from household appliances that might emit disruptive RF noise into your signal path. A common occurrence with Indoor Antennas that are nearby common household electronics with power supplies that plug into a wall or power strip.

What’s Included

High Pass Filter 50 MHz
Instruction Sheet
1-Year Limited Warranty


CE Approved, Class A RFI Shielding
Support DOCSIS 3.1
Pass Band: 54 - 1000 MHz
Rejection > 40dB
Excellent Return Loss
Precision Connector
Compliant IEC 61169-24 Standard
Brass Housing

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Mechanical Specifications

Item CM-3250
HPF 54
Impedance 75 ohm
Pass Band 54 - 1000MHz
Insertion Loss < or equal to 0.5dB (typ) / 1.5dB (max)
Return Loss 20dB (typ) / 16dB (min)
Stop Band 5 - 40MHz
Rejection (5-40MHz) 45dB (typ) / 40dB (min)
Waterproof IPx4
Input Connector F-type
Output Connector F-type
Weight 18 g
Size 12.7(¢)mm x 41(L) mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Works as described

Last summer something started transmitting in my neighborhood. I installec this and illiminated the problem

Steve J. Noll
Filter works perfectly

Filter fixed overload of my TV antenna amplifier when I transmitted on 10M FT8. Now TV is not disturbed at all. WA6EJO.

CM3250 RF filter

I am an Amateur Radio operator. I recently cut the cable and went totally internet and outside antenna. On a specific frequency about 21.3MHz, at high power my station was causing front end over load due to poor front-end design in TV receivers.
The CM3250 totally eliminated the poor design issue and the wife can now watch her football games uninterrupted. Very good product. Would also recommend placing the same filter between your antenna and any amplifier you have.

electric train

it has greatly given me more channels in the heart of St. Paul, my main reason was in buying this device, was to eliminate the interference from the public transportation electric train, i get a great picture until that blankity train passes by and is often, and this device, did nothing to eliminate that issue.... going to try a bigger in home antenna.

Dual antenna splitter

I gave it a five star rating but....I never used it because...I bought a dual antenna splitter that had it built into it and thus the 5 stars because if it works like the splitter 75 %of signal loss should be eliminated...another excellent product from channel master