TiVo Edge Antenna DVR - 500GB (with All-In Service)


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Introducing Tivo Edge Antenna DVR

All the entertainment. All the feels. None of the cords.

If you’re looking to cut the cord, there’s never been a better pair of scissors. TiVo EDGE for antenna can save you hundreds of dollars and puts all the brilliant entertainment out there in one amazing place for you to easily discover and enjoy. When you’re craving something to watch, just speak into the TiVo remote and TiVo searches across live TV, your recordings and your favorite streaming apps. You can record the stuff you’ve missed and save it for later. Or download shows to your mobile device and take your favorites on the road. With TiVo EDGE for antenna, boredom has met its match.

Skip ads with a tap.

Skip ads with a tap.

TiVo’s fan-favorite SkipMode feature gives you the power to skip entire commercial breaks – not just through them like other devices. Press the SKIP button or say “Skip it” at the beginning of the break and like magic, you’re right at the beginning of the next scene. You can even set TiVo EDGE to AutoSkip ads so your shows might never be interrupted again.

Easy, intuitive and wow that’s a lot of shows!

Easy, intuitive and wow that’s a lot of shows!

No more toggling, scrolling and swiping. Easily find your favorites across over-the-air networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, the CW and more, plus the popular streaming services including Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and others with the power of your voice. Say what you want and see it. If only the whole world worked like this.

Everything you want, right at your fingertips.

Everything you want, right at your fingertips.

TiVo EDGE for antenna lets you watch all your favorite shows, movies, sports, videos and more, at home or on the go, on your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

The ultimate home theater, no cable TV subscription needed.

The ultimate home theater, no cable TV subscription needed.

With a TiVo EDGE and an HD antenna, enjoy watching and recording news, sports, prime time comedies and dramas, awards shows and everything on the big networks’ live local channels. Plus, get the cinematic experience of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in the comfort of your home. All the entertainment. All the feels. None of the cords.

A gazillion hours of the best free TV.

A gazillion hours of the best free TV.

Exclusive to TiVo customers, TiVo+ is your one-stop network for an incredible collection of free movies, hit TV shows, family entertainment, sports, adventure, lifestyle, hilarious home videos and so much more. Leave app-flipping in the past and find thousands of free shows, movies and videos, right in your TiVo home screen.

A superior service

Powering all of the key features you'll love including skipping past ads with a tap, the required TiVo Service subscription gives you rock-solid protection of all your entertainment plus a better way to find, watch and enjoy it. Spoiler alert — we're worth it.

  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Sound
  • Skip Mode - no ads
  • TiVo Plus - free video and music content
  • Quick Mode - watch what you want, faster
  • Record 2 shows at a time
  • Stream and schedule shows on mobile devices
  • OneSearch - Voice controlled remote
  • Multiplatform search
  • Mobile streaming
  • Access entertainment from one DVR
  • 4K HD



$249.99(service for life of device including ownership transfer)

The TiVo EDGE is the most advanced over-the-air antenna DVR on the market. The TiVo EDGE DVR has 2 tuners allowing you to record up to 2 programs at once and includes 500GB of storage built-in for up to 75 hours of HD recording. The DVR is easy to install and will work with any TV antenna. This all-in-one device is easy to use and lets you enjoy live, recorded, and streaming TV in one powerful device. No more switching from one device to another when the TiVo EDGE has it all! This model does NOT require additional fees. An all-in subscription to TiVo service is included with this model (service for the life of the device)

An internet connection is also required, the device will not function without an internet connection. TiVo Edge is not compatible in Canada.

What’s Included

TiVo Edge Antenna DVR 500GB with All-In Service Subscription
Quick Start Guide
IR/Bluetooth/Voice Remote
(2) AA Batteries
HDMI Cable
Power Supply
Limited Warranty - 90-Day Labor / 1-Year Parts



Record up to 2 Shows at Once
Commercial Skip Feature (No Ads!)
Up to 75 Hours of HD Recording Capacity
Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Sound
Voice Search
Ability to Set Up Entire Series Recordings
Watch Live and Recorded Content from Anywhere Using the TiVo Mobile App on your Smart Phone or Tablet
Schedule Recordings from Anywhere Using the TiVo Mobile App on your Smart Phone or Tablet
Access your Netflix and Amazon Content Using the Same Remote Control by Accessing the Built-in Applications (Note: Hulu App Not Available)
Universal Remote Control also Controls Power, Volume and Mute Functions of your Television
And Much More!

Tech Specs


Coax Antenna, ATSC
Optical Audio Out
Remote Finder
HDMI 2.0 / (4K, 1080p 24/60)
USB 3.0 Ports x 2
Ethernet Port 10/100/1000 Mbps
Power 12V


Recording Capacity: Up to 75 Hours of HD
Hard Drive Size: 500GB
Video Output: v2.0 (4K 24/60, 1080p 24/60)
HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision
Dual Transcode
Built-in WiFi 802.11ac 4x4 DBS
Cable Card: No
Product Compatibility: Works with TiVo Mini and TiVo VOX DVRs
Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 11.4" x 7.3" x 1.8" in.
Product Weight: 1.9 lbs


Available only from Channel Master!
The TiVo EDGE for Antenna (500GB) is the newest DVR model from TiVo. The TiVo Edge for Antenna (500GB) was introduced in August of 2020 and added HDR support and advanced performance over its predecessor, the discontinued TiVo Bolt OTA DVR.

Important: $449 sale price includes an All-In TiVo service subscription. (TiVo All-In service subscription will provide TiVo service for the life of the TiVo device without having to pay any additional monthly fees.) An internet connection is also required, the device will not function without an internet connection. TiVo Edge is not compatible in Canada.


Customer Reviews

Based on 392 reviews
My experience with cutting the cable cord

So last year we decided to drop DISH network. We have had Dish, DirecTV and Comcast (Xfinity). We played the pricing game of changing as the discount expired. We had a Tivo years ago on Comcast (before their DVR) and it worked great. My wife wanted it simple and she really liked using the Tivo.
We watched a Youtube channel called AntennaMan and Tyler ws a great help. He had a service tha speced out exactly what you need for an antenna setup at your location.
As for the DVR, we decided to go with the Tivo Edge for Antenna. It was a great decision. We purchased the all-in subscription for $399 and now with the antenna we get over 80 stations (40 that are worth watching). We can record what we like from the major networks and then be able to watch them later using the "Skip" feature to bypass the ads.
We are saving over $200 a month and with the economy, this has been a blessing. Our only costs after the Antenna ($165 on Amazon that was speced by Tyler the Antenna Man) and Tivo are $50 for Internet (800Mb Cable) and Netflix and Max (HBO). We used the same coax that the cable used to the TVs.
I do wish the OTA Tivo had more tuners for when wife is recording two shows at once, I can't change the channel, but can change to another TV.
All in all we love the Tivo and enjoy it's interface. We have had no issues now for over a year. Great product.

Doris Grillo
My Tivo

Love my TiVo. I have had one since they first came out. When my previous one died I was afraid I couldn’t get a new one as I heard they were discontinued for antenna. Then you sent me a message that you had one in stock so I am so glad to have one again. The only thing is that it will record 2 programs at once, my old one recorded 4. Anyway very happy with this Tivobedge

TIVO OTA Edge 2-Tuner W-500GB Drive - As good as I expected

First, the customer service people at CM are great. I got my TiVo Edge through the extra effort of one of their team members. Second, the setup/installation was incredibly simple and easy. Third, each step is prompted by separate screens with large lettering, important when it's hard to read the usual small lettering on a lot of products. Fourth, it worked right out of the box. Very happy with my Edge for Antenna.

ChannelMaster Customer
TIVO OTA Edge 2-Tuner W-500GB Drive

#1 Wish it had a 1T Drive and behaved better without constant internet connection, but will buy another given a good price opportunity now that I've had months of use to work out many of it's behavioral oddities.

Has decent signal pickup ability/sensitivity somewhere between a CM7000PAL and CM 7500 DVR+

Provides a very good picture on HD captured programming. Even SD captures are quite good too

Have learned that if you turn the unit on after an overnight without internet availability and it gives a blank screen - all I had to do with my 2010 1st generation Samsung "Smart TV" was turn the TV off and back on ... which would sort of kick things and get the TIVO picture displaying on the TV, then it was easy to go through the TIVO menu and do a soft re-boot to get the TIVO to connect to the DSL wireless modem that had been turned off, restoring internet connectivity.

Prior to learning this I was having to do a hard power off wait 10sec and turn power back on to the TIVO and wait for the unit to do a hard re-boot....NOT a good way for things to work 8P

Over all it seems wisest to do a daily soft reboot to keep the box working at peak happiness 8)

Works great but wish had more apps

I just set up my TIVO Edge and it works great for local channels, which is why I bought it. It is also very user friendly. I do wish that it had more streaming apps options. For example, it doesn't have any of the Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Max, or Peacock Plus. The box says it supports Hulu. However, I found out that it doesn't support it anymore.