Power Over Coax Adapter



The Power Over Coax Adapter enables Channel Master Ultra Mini Amplifiers to be located in a central location while being powered over coaxial cable from a television located in another location in the home. The Power Over Coax Adapter is compatible with these Channel Master Amplifier Models: CM-3422, CM-3424, CM-3428, CM-3410, CM-3412, CM-3414, CM-3418, CM-7777v3, CM-7778v3, CM-7778HD.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MODEL CM-7777HD(Amplify) and CM-7779HD (PreAmp1). This product is not required for Channel Master Pre-Amplifiers, all Channel Master Pre-Amplifiers Include a Power inserter and Power Adapter.

The Channel Master Power Over Coax Adapter can help reduce the complexity of many types of signal amplifier installations by allowing the user to install the amplifier in a central location in the home where a power outlet is not available. The Power Over Coax Adapter can be useful when the user/installer wants to install an amplifier on the side of the home or in an attic where there is no power outlet present. By using the Power Over Coax Adapter, the amplifier can be installed in either one of those locations and be powered from a TV location in another room or location in the home that is wired with coaxial cable to one of the outputs on the amplifier. The Power Over Coax Adapter simply plugs into an available power outlet and power is fed back to the amplifier over the connected coaxial cable while still allowing for TV signals to pass over the same coaxial cable. There are two coaxial ports on the Power Over Coax Adapter, one port should be connected to the amplifier and will send power to the amplifier while receiving the TV signals, the other port is designed to pass the video signal on to a television or receiver. The Power Over Coax Adapter is compatible with Channel Master Ultra Mini Amplifiers and can also be used as an all-in-one replacement for the separate power adapter and power inserter that is included with certain Channel Master Pre-Amplifiers.

Compatible Models: (Ultra Mini Distribution Amplifiers: CM-3422, CM-3424, CM-3428, CM-3410, CM-3412, CM-3418) (Pre-Amplifiers: CM-7777, CM-7778, CM-7777v3, CM-7778v3, CM-7778HD). The Channel Master Power Over Coax Adapter may also work with other brand amplifiers that use 12v DC or for customer applications where the user wants to send 12v DC over standard coaxial cable.


What’s Included

Power Over Coax Adapter
1-Year Limited Warranty

Tech Specs

Input 120-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A
Output 12V DC 0.5A
UL Listed Yes
Product Dimensions 4.25" x 1.75" x 1.625" in.
Product Weight 3.5 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Rural TV reception

With the appropriate Channel Master pre-amp, amp & power adapter (and it is important that the amp and power adapter are compatible), I went from a sketchy reception in the hills and hollers of East Tennessee of 4 channels from one broadcaster 50 miles away to 4 broadcasters with a total of 18 channels (and with the right atmospheric conditions I can get another broadcaster with 4 more channels.)

Great shipping

Thank it was helpful I’m glad getting my signal back up

Harmon Poole
Good product

After kicking DirecTV to the curb, I needed something OTA. I put up a nice antenna and fouond the ChannelMaster antenna booster to go with it. However, I needed power injection for it, there is no plug near where the booster is mounted. Channelmaster had the injector, so I ordered, and their shipping response was great. Works just fine;

Dan Bradley
Great power solution

Most attics or even roof tops do not have an AC outlet nearby just waiting to be used. This device is affordable and easy to use and solves the problem most DIY'ers have installing an antenna in the attic as part of their "cut the cable" project. Order it with the antenna and amp/dist box and save on shipping.

Phil Walters
Excellent product as always

When I bought my home the power supply for the antenna pre-amp was missing. After my purchase of the power supply I receive 42 channels.