FM Antenna Adapter - 3.5mm Plug to Female F-Type Coax Connector (2 Pack)



The Channel Master FM Antenna Adapter is a high quality 3.5mm plug to female F-Type coax connector designed FM antenna installations.  This adapter allows you to connect a coaxial cable from your FM antenna to devices equipped with a 3.5mm antenna jack, such as radios, stereo systems, and even car audio systems.  The Channel Master CM-7120-2 FM Antenna Adapters include 2 adapters per package.

Featuring a high-quality construction, our FM Antenna Adapter ensures optimal signal transfer, minimizing any loss in signal quality. The 3.5mm plug on one end of the adapter easily connects to the antenna input port of your device, while the female F-Type coax connector on the other end securely attaches to a male coaxial cable from your FM antenna. With this adapter, you can say goodbye to weak, fuzzy signals and enjoy improved reception for all your favorite FM radio stations.

In addition to being used as an FM antenna adapter, the CM-7120-V2 offers versatile support for custom audio applications. If you find yourself in need of making custom audio cables using coaxial cable with a 3.5mm/1/8" plug at each end, this adapter comes to the rescue.  With its female F-Type coax connector, this adapter allows you to connect coaxial cables to devices that feature a 3.5mm mono audio jack. This functionality opens up a world of possibilities for customization, as you can now create your own unique audio cables tailored to your specific needs.


What’s Included

FM Antenna Adapter (3.5mm plug to female F-Type coax connector)
1-Year Limited Warranty


Universal compatibility with radios, stereo systems, and car audio systems
Premium Signal Transfer
Professional Grade Construction and Quality

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

FM Antenna Support AM, FM, Digital, HD, Stereo
Connector Configuration TS - 2 Conductor

Mechanical Specifications

Input Connector 3.5mm (Male)
Output Connector F-type (Female
Weight 1 oz
Size 1.45 x .40 x .40 in