Connector Compression Tool



The Channel Master Connector Compression Tool is used to install Channel Master F-type Connectors onto coaxial cable (Cable must be prepped first using a certified cable preparation tool such as the CM-1020).

The Channel Master F connector compression tool is used to install Channel Master CM-7170 connectors onto coaxial cable. This tool will also work with many other manufacturers’ F connectors. It is designed to let the tool get into very tight working spaces to compress the F connector, such as very short lengths of coaxial cable coming out of wall plates.

What’s Included

Compression Tool
Instruction sheet
1-Year Limited Warranty


Compact pocket size design
Professional-grade performance
Easy install

Tech Specs


Connector Type CM-7170
Size (product) 9 x 2.5 x 1.125 in
Weight (product) 1 lb

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