Amplify Replacement Power Inserter


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Replacement power inserter for the CM7777HD.

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Power Inserter

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Burned out again

To match the title, three of these power inserters burned out in the last year. My channel master antenna would be flaky and lose signal until eventually there would be no signal at all, and I would find this power inserter completely fried. The good news is it was not channel. Master‘s fault at all! I found out that one of the mounting screws in my sealed outside box leaked water when it rained directly onto the power cord for this power inserter, causing it to fill up with water and burn itself out. I replaced the power, inserter, and resealed the outside box and now I have 100% antenna signal again from my channel master antenna. I now have all my TV channels back, and a sealed outside box that rain cannot get into and the channel master antenna, amplifier and power. Inserter are all working perfectly. Channel master makes very good quality equipment, it is not their fault that I did not seal my outside distribution box as well as I should have. We just went through another rain storm and everything was dry and working great. I will continue to do business with channel master and recommend them for anyone who wants to use over the air TV instead of paying for TV service.

Does what it should

My old one started having issues, so I bought a new one. Works great!

Mark V.
Power supply cord?

What power supply cord do I use to power this device?


This worked very well for me I even getting two more channels and their customer service cannot be beat

Power inserter

Absolutely excellent customer support.
Device is well made and is the way to go.
This configuration with amplifier at antenna provides for better signal amplification than amplifier just before TV connection.