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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Over-The-Air TV work?

Major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and PBS have affiliates in almost every major US city who insert local programming into the network's national feed then broadcast TV signals over-the-air from a centrally located broadcast tower. TV signals travel over the air and can be received several miles away at your home or business with a simple indoor or outdoor TV antenna. The distance between your home and the broadcast tower will ultimately determine whether you will need an indoor or outdoor antenna. Channel Master's easy to use tool on this page was designed to identify available channels and to simplify the antenna selection process.

What channels will I receive and what shows will I be able to watch?

ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS and The CW are available in all major US cities. Various other networks including independent, international and faith based channels are also available but differ by city. You will receive all of the top shows like Dancing With The Stars, Grey's Anatomy, Bull, The OT, Empire, This Is Us, Chicago Fire, The Tonight Show, The Voice, Arrow, The Flash and more. Local News and Live events such as the Olympics, the Oscars and the Super Bowl are also available over-the-air.

How much does it cost monthly?

Over-the-air programming is free to anyone who can receive the signals with an antenna. There are no catches or gimmicks, local affiliates can broadcast for free because their business model generates revenue from consumer viewership of ads, commercials and sponsorships.

How does the picture quality compare to cable and satellite?

All major networks broadcast signals in HD quality. HD channels received over-the-air with an antenna display better picture quality than the same channels received from a typical cable, satellite or streaming provider.

Will I need an antenna for every TV in my house?

A single antenna can be split to feed multiple televisions but additional equipment such as cabling, splitters and amplifiers may be required. To simplify installation, you may consider installing an indoor antenna to each television in your home.

How difficult is the TV antenna installation?

An indoor TV antenna is the easiest to install, typically you will attach the antenna high on a wall or in a location near a window then connect a coaxial cable from the antenna to the TV, DVR or Set-Top Box. Installing an outdoor antenna will require more effort than installing an indoor antenna as it will require you to determine the best location to mount the antenna while considering how to route coaxial cable from the antenna to each of the TV's.