Coaxial Connector Installation Kit



The Coaxial Connector Installation kit is an all-in-one solution for making professional quality coaxial cable connections.

The Channel Master Coaxial Connector Installation Kit includes 10 Channel Master F-Type compression connectors, the Channel Master compression tool and the Channel Master cable preparation tool (cable stripper). Designed for professionals and the Do-it-Yourself consumer, the kit provides everything needed to attach high quality Channel Master compression connectors at the end of a coaxial cable. Popular consumer applications for this kit include, making short indoor coax cables, long outdoor cables and replacing old low quality connectors installed during construction. The kit is also popular as a starter kit for new antenna installers, electricians, home theater installers and other professional coaxial cable installers. The included connectors can be used indoors, outdoors and are compatible with standard, tri and quad shield RG-6 coaxial cable.

Not Your Typical Connector

The Channel Master compression connector is not your typical cheap Gold-Plated connector, instead we put our focus on what really matters.

Digital Signal Future Proofing

Channel Master coaxial connectors deliver enhanced reliability for signal reception of current and future standards such as 4K, Ultra HD and HDR.

Continuous Ground

Provides a continuous ground regardless if the connector is tight or loose. A broken ground path due to a loose connector will cause signal quality issues that could result in intermittent macroblocking of video.

Excellent Shielding Effectiveness

A connector with poor shielding can let unwanted signals penetrate and interfere with your signal. Interference introduced through the connector on the cable will cause signal quality issues resulting in intermittent or complete loss of audio and video.

Indoor/Outdoor Design

Integrated dual o-rings sit on both the front and back sides of the Channel Master compression connector nut. The o-rings are constructed of high tensile strength NBR rubber and provide a superior barrier against moisture intrusion preventing long-term signal issues when moisture makes it's way onto the inner part of the coaxial cable. The 100% brass all metal design delivers maximum cable retention and will hold up over time as opposed to connectors constructed of plastic.

What’s Included

(10) Connectors
Cable Preparation Tool
Connector Compression Tool
Instruction Sheet
1-Year Limited Warranty


Universal Cable Support: Easy insertion on RG6 standard, tri and quad shield coaxial cables
Locking Feature: Torque Retaining Nut keeps the connection tight where temperature cycling and vibration will loosen other connectors.
Elegant / High-End Look: Special Polished Nickel Plating provides a high-end look for those installing luxury A/V systems.
Easy-Spin Nut: Unlike other connectors, once the connector is compressed the nut spins freely for an easy installation.
****Requires an industry standard cable preparation tool such as the CM-1020 and exclusively the CM-1015 compression tool for proper installation.

Tech Specs


Body material C 360 brass
Body finish Polished Nickel
O-ring Ethylene-propylene rubber
Return loss -28 dB up to 3 GHz
Insertion loss -0.2 dB up to 3 GHz
RFI shielding -80 dB

Customer Reviews

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David Coyne
it was well put together

did not have any problems with this kit everything was way past exspectasion

Harrison Blair

Easy to make connections exactly like the ones that come on your premade cables!!!

Bob L.
Coaxial Connector Kit

The tools are well made and easy to use. The compression connectors are high quality. Recommended!

Robert churich
Coaxial connect

Very easy, with C. H . Compression tool.

Dean Wagenmann
Crimping tool and ends

Quality tools and ends ! Works well !