ATSC HD Modulator (HDMI to Coax)

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The Channel Master ATSC HD Modulator is a professional grade encoder/modulator designed for commercial and residential installations. The ATSC HD Modulator converts a video signal from HDMI format to a Digital ATSC (Coax) format.

The digital channel is user-selectable (2-99) then output via the coaxial RF output on the back of the device. Digital channels that are generated from this device can be scanned and tuned by most TV and set-top box ATSC/OTA tuners. Equipped with a front panel display and menu navigation buttons, settings such as RF channel number, virtual channel number, and RF output level can be configured without the use of a computer. The modulator can also be managed over a local network via the built-in ethernet port.

Popular applications for this device include commercial environments such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and office buildings needing to distribute an HDMI video source over the coax cable network along with ATSC TV signals from an over-the-air TV Antenna. The Channel Master ATSC HD Modulator includes a built-in coaxial pass-through feature which enables the ability to combine the modulated channel with an antenna signal without the use of an external combiner.

What’s Included

ATSC HD Modulator (HDMI to Coax)
Power Supply
Instruction Manual
1-Year Limited Warranty


Agile Channel Selection (Channels 2-99)
Front Panel LCD Screen for Configuration
Supports Creation of Sub-Channels
Configurable PSIP data (Channel Name, Major Channel #, Minor Channel #)
Closed Caption Support
RF Pass-Through with Combiner
LAN Management via Ethernet Port

Tech Specs

Video Input HDMI
Audio Input HDMI
RF Input F-Type Coaxial (75 Ohm)
Output Coax / ATSC
Video Output Format 480i/p, 720p, 1080i/p
Caption Input Composite Video
RF Output Frequency 57-861MHz
Output Level 90 dBuV (Minimum)
Channel Level Adjustment 0dB - 30 dB (Typical)
MER 35 dB (Typical)
Video Compression MPEG2
Audio MPEG-1 Layer 2, AAC-LC, AC3
Modulation ATSC (8VSB)
Power 12V DC Power Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Wish it encoded in 5.1 instead of downmixing/omitting to stereo

None of the ATSC 1.0 modulators encode more than 2 audio channels, including this one, even though they encode in AC3. I think it would require a license from Dolby.

I also wish it had 4K HDMI pass-thru. The idea being you could put this modulator in between your Apple TV and living room TV and still watch main TV in 4K while transmitting 1080p to the other TVs in the house.

Great value!

It works great, and the price is the best that I have found. It's simple to set up, and compatible with older TVs. I have tried more expensive modulators that didn't perform as well.

Michael Ateek
Works in my unusual environment.

I've lived a floor beneath mobile phone antennas for the area for over a decade, and now in directly line with a newish emergency responder pole to those same antennas. I've always struggled to get good OTA signal, and had to resort to purchasing cable TV for the summer months a few years off and on until demand dropped. Things changed drastically for the worse when 5G came out. I'm glad I bought this modulator. I probably works the best at tuning of all my OTA devices. I had an older laptop with a tuner card that comes close, but it was for emergencies only, as I'm used to having TV on my computers in all three rooms of my apartment through a HDHomerun, so adjusting to lugging the laptop wasn't going to work. My output from the ATSC modulator now runs into that HDHomerun and I'm happily able to get TV in all the rooms again. The picture quality is high and doesn't seem to diminish at all through the two chained devices. I highly recommend this modulator if you live in an very rare situation like mine where the reception area is over powered or overlapping signals or whatever the problem was.

Lou Schonder
Excellent device! Happy I took the plunge!

So far, after two weeks, it seems to be a solid device. Picture quality is top-notch!

The documentation is far too sparse considering the many setup options. For example, there's a "Captions" port, but no information at all on how to utilize it. Most features are barely explained. But ... there's enough basic info to easily get up and running!

I cannot vouch for the network connectivity because I haven't tried it yet, but I'd imagine it should be fine.

It would be very helpful to be able to set program data in addition to just the channel numbers.

Overall, note that I'm pointing out some issues yet STILL rated five stars! You'll love the device ... do it!

Thomas Dolan

Have only used this unit for a few days but my initial impression is quite good. I currently operate 3 other modulators that were more expensive and offer both cable and over-the-air capabilities. It’s ready to use right out of the box. I fed it with a SMPTE color bar generator with the output set to OTA channel 2 just for test purposes. The color bar image looked EXACTLY like the HDMI image being generated by the the color bar generator!
Next I fed it from an Apple lightening to HDMI adapter connected to an iPad. Again, the video and audio was excellent. It will be permanently connected to the iPad to display a high definition weather radar image.
I was disappointed that it only displays a blue screen when no HDMI signal is present. I’m use to a modified color bar output when no HDMI signal is available. However, at this price point, some niceties just won’t be available.
Overall, the quality of the modulated output of this unit is outstanding, especially considering it’s price. I would definitely purchase it again!
Channel Master’s shipping was immediate + the USPS shipping was outstanding. I’m definitely not use to that kind of service from USPS.