Omni-directional RV/Marine TV Antenna with Amplifier



The Channel Master CM-3012 is a high quality omni-directional TV antenna designed specifically for RV and Marine applications.  This omni-directional design of this antenna allows it to be installed in a fixed position on an RV or boat and receive TV signals from 360°.  The antenna also includes an external inline amplifier to boost signal strengths and improve signal quality. This “all-in-one” RV/Marine TV antenna kit includes all necessary cables, mounting plates, instructions, amplifier and AC adaptor making it an excellent antenna upgrade to any RV or boat.  The RV/Marine Antenna also includes a 4-port splitter which enables the connection to up to 4 TV's.

The antenna is easy to install by attaching the included mounting plate to any flat surface on an RV or boat.  The high quality IP67/IP69 certified ASA material gives this antenna the highest resistance to weathering, UV, long-term heat exposure, chemical exposure, and environmental stress cracking.  This waterproof antenna will maintain full functionality without any compromise to signal quality in extreme weather conditions and exposure to lake/ocean water and extreme moisture when installed on a boat.  The CM-3012 RV/Marine antenna is capable of receiving HDTV signals from broadcast towers located more than 50 miles away.  Its omni-directional capabilities allow it to receive signals from all directions simultaneously which reduces the need for precise pointing and eliminates the need to rotate your antenna when towers are located in multiple directions. The Channel Master CM-3012 RV/Marine TV antenna is optimized for FM, VHF and UHF reception in addition to next-gen broadcast technologies including ATSC 3.0, 4K and HDR broadcasts. 

Channel Master’s RV/Marine TV antenna is one of the best all-around rated outdoor RV antennas on the market. The FM, VHF and UHF design allows for reception from channels 2 and above including major broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, just to name a few.

The compact and aesthetically pleasing design makes it the ideal HDTV antenna for high end RV's and boats such as a custom Airstream, RV, yacht or houseboat.  


What’s Included

RV/Marine Antenna
Optional In-Line Amplifier, Power Inserter and Power Adapter
Mounting Bracket, O-ring and Mounting Screws
Pole Mount Adapters 1.42 inch to 0.98 inch & 1.42 inch to 1-14 UNF Thread
25' High Quality Coaxial Cable and Female to Female Coax Adapter
4-Port Power Passing Splitter
User Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty



Reception Range 50+ Miles
Type Outdoor
Reception Pattern Omni-directional
Amplifier Optional (In-Line)
Coax Cable 25'
Installation Included Mounting Plate or Pole

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Bandwidth 54 to 216 and 470 to 700 MHz
Passive Gain VHF: 3dB, UHF: 4.5dB
Amplifier Gain 10dB
Front to Back Ratio Omni-directional
Return Loss N/A
Impedance 75 Ohm
Power Supply N/A

Mechanical Specifications

Installation Indoor/Outdoor Applications
Operating Temp

-40 to +85


Mounting Clamp Flat Surface Mounting Bracket with O-Ring Weather Seal
Color White
Output Connector F-type
UV Protected
Size (product) 11 x 11 x 8.4 in
Size (packaging) 12 x 11.5 x 9.25 in
Weight (product) 3.5
Weight (packaging) 4lbs

Customer Reviews

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Harry P
RV set up working great!

I understand TV reception is all about the distance and signal strength I could receive and I move around a lot typically not in a spot for more than a week or two. I struggled to find an antenna that I could permanently mount on the roof of my Ram Promaster. So far this antenna is outperforming the options I tried previously. I am running the signal to 1 TV and separately a stereo receiver which both are getting good signal strength. We'll see how it goes when I am really remote later this fall but I dont expect to get good signal when I know I am in the middle of nowhere. Thanks Channel Master!