Coax Cable Tester



The Channel Master Coax Cable Tester is designed to test and identify coaxial cables for continuity, opens and shorts. The Coax Cable Tester is one of the most useful tools for installing a TV antenna when using existing pre-wired coaxial cables. The tester will enable you to determine the correct coaxial cable(s) to connect to your antenna.

The Coax Cable Tester is made up of two parts, the signal/tone generator and the speaker, and it's easy to use. Simply connect the signal/tone generator to a coaxial cable located anywhere in the home then take the speaker to the distribution point or structured wire panel and connect to each of the coaxial cables, when the correct cable is identified, you will hear a high pitched tone from the speaker. The Signal/Tone Generator part of the tester also has a built-in red LED indicator which will illuminate when the speaker is connected at the other end or when a short is detected in the coaxial cable.

The Coax Cable Tester is powered by a standard AAA battery and which is included so that the tester is ready to use when you receive it.

What’s Included

Coax Cable Tester
(1) F-81 Barrel Connector
(1) AAA Battery
1-Year Limited Warranty


Detachable Tone Detector Speaker Identifies Line Carrying Signal (continuity)
LED Light Indicates Splitters, DC Shorts, and Other Self-Grounding Devices in Cables
Built in ON/OFF Switch Located in Barrel of the Tool Handle, Preserves Battery Life
Female Push-On Connector is Perfect for Speed Toning

Tech Specs

Input Connector F-Type
Testing Distance Up to 5000'FT
Voltage Protected up to 52V DC
Weight 3.1 oz
Size 4.875 x 1.125 x .5 in

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