100' Rotator Cable / Wire (Black)



The Channel Master Rotator Cable is a top-tier, professional-grade 3-conductor wire, tailored specifically for Channel Master Antenna Rotators.  It is compatible with most antenna rotator brands, with a strong recommendation for use with the Channel Master CM-9521 rotator.  After extensive reliability testing with the Channel Master CM-9521, this cable stands as the only recommended option for ensuring long-term reliability with our rotators.  Constructed from high-quality materials, it features a UV-rated outer PVC black jacket encasing three individually jacketed 22 AWG soft annealed copper cables.  Each of the three inner cables comprises seven strands of 30 AWG copper wire.  This stranded wire design is preferred over solid wire for its flexibility, making it ideal for bending and twisting during installation through exterior walls, crawl spaces, and attics. Additionally, stranded wire is less prone to splitting or severing and offers greater malleability than solid wire.

For optimal performance and to safeguard your antenna rotator warranty coverage, it's essential to use this cable for all Channel Master Rotator installations, as using incompatible cables could lead to damage and potentially void the warranty of your Channel Master Rotator.

What’s Included

100' Rotator Cable / Wire (Black)
1-Year Limited Warranty


Connects Antenna Rotator to Rotator Control Box
UV Stabilized For Use Outdoors
Flexible and Easy to Install
Compatible with Most Antenna Rotators
Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Installations in Any Climate

Tech Specs


Cable Type  3 Conductor Stranded Wire
Wire Gauge 22 AWG
Length 100 FT
Color Black
Indoor/Outdoor Yes 
Stands per Conductor 7
Diameter .179"
Packaging Coil
UV Stabilized Yes
Compatible With Channel Master CM-9521, CM-9521A, CM-9521HD