Entropic Communications Powers Channel Master's Internet-to-TV Adapters

Entropic Communications Powers Channel Master's Internet-to-TV Adapters

Single and 4-Port Internet-to-TV Adapter Kits for Robust, Reliable Wired Home Networking Now Available at Leading Retailers

San Diego, CA--(July 6, 2011) - - Entropic Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTR), a leading provider of silicon and software solutions to enable connected home entertainment, and Channel Master, one of the nation's most trusted names in consumer electronics, today announced the availability of two new Internet-to-TV adapters. Powered by Entropic's home entertainment networking silicon, the Channel Master Internet-to-TV Adapter Kits (CM6000) allow consumers and home electronics installers to network Connected TVs and Internet devices from any room to their broadband router through the existing coax wiring in the home.

Leveraging Entropic's leading silicon and software technology based on the MoCA standard, Channel Master's new solutions represent the next wave of retail home networking products, enabling consumers to transform coax cable into a highly-reliable, high speed, whole home entertainment network. With Channel Master's single ( CM6001) and 4-Port (CM6004) Internet-to-TV Adapters, consumers can enjoy home entertainment with a "best quality" connection at wired Ethernet speeds from any room of their home. Channel Master's adapters are designed to utilize the coax-based home network to support high definition (HD) quality streaming for multi-room DVR, over-the-top (OTT) services, online gaming, and more.

"Channel Master has a long history of producing products for cable and off-air TV customers, and Entropic's home entertainment networking solutions are allowing us to bring new products and services to our current customers and retail partners," said Joe Bingochea, VP of marketing and product management, Channel Master. "We are excited to be working with Entropic, giving consumers the power to connect the Internet to their TV, and networking devices such as Blu-ray players and game consoles with OTT services over a fast reliable wired network connection."

Currently deployed in more than seven million U.S. households, and growing, Entropic's field-proven home entertainment networking silicon based on the MoCA standard transforms the home's coaxial infrastructure into a highly-efficient, cost effective, robust and reliable whole home entertainment network. Enhancing the overall home network, the new 4-port adapter will allow multiple devices to connect to the network through a single product.

"In North America, leading service providers have adopted Entropic's silicon as the best home networking solution for its high reliability and speed, and because no new wires are required for installation," said Vinay Gokhale, senior vice president marketing and business development, Entropic Communications. "We're proud to have leading OEMs like Channel Master recognize the power of our home entertainment networking solutions, as they deliver new connected home entertainment devices to consumers across the country."

Channel Master's Internet-to-TV Adapters are now available at leading retailers including Fry's Electronics, Ace Hardware, True Value, Crutchfield, Walmart.com, CircuitCity.com, CompUSA.com, and ChannelMasterStore.com.