DVR+ with YouTube | Channel Master

Channel Master Exhibits TV Freedom Innovation at PepCom

Company Announces YouTube, Enhanced Recording Features, New Low-Cost Antenna and Antenna Selection Guide

San Francisco, CA --(October 29, 2014) - - Channel Master, the nation's leading manufacturer of broadcast reception products since 1949, today announced new features for its subscription-free DVR+ that include YouTube access and an enhanced DVR feature to record only new episodes of a series. In addition, the company has added the new low-cost STEALTHtenna to its metro/suburban-centric Everyday Series antenna line along with a consumer-friendly Antenna Selection Guide.

Coming in November, the YouTube streaming feature will appear in the DVR+ program guide. "We're excited to add YouTube to our streaming lineup for DVR+", said Coty Youtsey, president and CEO of Channel Master. "Our research shows that consumers are increasingly looking for ways to access YouTube content on the TV screen, and the integration as a channel in the DVR+ program guide makes that very easy for our customers, without the need to switch TV inputs or use a mobile device for casting."

Along with the YouTube launch, Channel Master will introduce an enhanced Series Record feature for DVR+ that allows customers to record only new episodes of a show. "This is the most-requested feature from customers", said Joe Bingochea, executive vice president of product development. "We want the experience of DVR+ to be as close as possible to a cable or satellite DVR, and this feature is key." The feature will work with an Internet-connected DVR+ utilizing the 14-day program guide, and non-connected DVR+ units will retain the name-based series record feature that works with over-the-air content data.

STEALTHtenna, a small, directional outdoor antenna that receives both UHF and VHF signals from up to 50 miles, is available now at an MSRP of $29. "STEALTHtenna rounds out our low-cost Everyday Series antenna line, which we developed to reduce the overall investment needed to get up and running with DVR+" said Bingochea. "STEALTHtenna is an outdoor option that's going to give you fantastic HD reception from about 90 degrees, which is a very common configuration."

Channel Master's new Antenna Selection Guide provides important information for consumers. "We've been making antennas for decades", said Youtsey. "You can't just provide a zip code search and give someone a recommendation for a television antenna because everyone's reception needs are slightly different. There are things that consumers need to be aware of and this tool will help ensure they select the right antenna and get a great broadcast TV experience."

Just in time for Holiday shopping, Channel Master will showcase the new DVR+ features and the complete Everyday Series antenna line at the PepCom Holiday Spectacular West event in San Francisco on October 29.