Where to Find Free Streaming TV Sites

In this day and age, you don't need a cable subscription in order to enjoy your favorite television shows anymore. There are a lot of websites available out there in order for you to stream free television shows online and hassle-free.

You may be looking for free streaming TV sites because your day gets busier and you are in need of more portable or accessible streaming devices. Companies in this industry understand your needs and have done their best to develop the streaming industry. The main benefits of streaming are cost and convenience, which can be very attractive when you are looking to ditch your expensive cable bills.

However, as with most free things on the internet, it's best to proceed with caution! Some spammy sites may maliciously attack your computer. So, how do you find quality free streaming TV sites? This is a guide to do exactly just that.

Looking to Stream Free Videos Online?

All major television stations have been broadcasting from their large towers for years now. And as time progresses, so has the broadcasting technology. This means that as technology has become more and more integrated into the lives of each individual, the demand for easy-to-access entertainment has increased.

This demand for instantly accessible videos has pushed for companies to make more free streaming tv sites which now serve as the newest form of entertainment as your days become busier.

Sony Crackle

This streaming company is owned by Sony and as a result, contains a lot of Sony created content in their streaming options. They offer all types of genres, whether it be action, comedy, drama, or anime. The biggest advantage of streaming on Sony Crackle is the option for it to be connected to other platforms such as gaming consoles. Not to mention, the service is free from streaming costs, making it a contender in this list of best free streaming TV sites.


Tubi allows you to stream more than 12,000 titles, including movies and television shows. This includes a wide range of options including movies that can be accessed through your iPhone, Android, Apple TV, and Playstations. The main reason why this is a great option for free streaming TV sites is because of how it enables you to watch a large array of free movies. The only catch is the advertisements that play during the movie or show that you are watching.

Pluto TV

Owned by Viacom, Pluto runs more than one hundred channels that are available for free streaming. This is a great option for people that would like to stream a specific type of movies. Similar to Tubi, the only negative side to this is the advertisements that are included in the shows.


Looking for a convenient way to watch your top entertainment? Vudu delivers full-length movies and television shows that are taken straight from your favorite TV sites. However, like the previous sites, they support themselves by showing advertisements throughout the streaming service.

Other Options to Stream TV

Channel Master

If you are looking to cut the cord and find a cost-effective way to watch live TV as well as stream your favorite apps, then Channel Master's Stream+ is the right product for you. The Stream+ is a streaming media player and over-the-air DVR that integrates streaming services with live broadcast TV. The device also has an on-screen channel guide and the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV. Although Channel Master is not a free streaming TV site, they do offer a more affordable way to watch your favorite TV shows.

There are many options for free streaming TV sites out there and in order to pick the best one, you need to be knowledgeable enough about your options. As listed above, these are the top free streaming sites on the market, but if you are still shopping around for entertainment alternatives, make sure to check out Channel Master for more info!