Best Practical Gifts for People Who Appreciate Tech

How do you surprise a techie with a stellar gift who already seems to know about every latest gadget on the market? Skip the guesswork and opt for a practical gift guaranteed to get everyday use.

Tech lovers tend to value gifts they can use in their daily lives, rather than just the newest release. Luckily, there are some truly exceptional pieces of hardware that can provide countless hours of fun. We have compiled a short list of items that we think make the best practical gifts for anyone into technology.

In-Home Devices

SMARTenna+ Indoor TV Antenna

The SMARTenna from Channel Master is the perfect gift for the TV enthusiast who should cut the cord and ditch their expensive monthly cable bill. Over-the-air (OTA) television is making a big comeback and those that know technology are embracing all of its money-saving features.

The SMARTenna+ is the world's smartest indoor TV antenna equipped with seven virtual antennas in a signal device. The device offers the highest possible reception range for indoor TV antennas with the highest quality picture delivered to your home.

Due to its built-in amplification and noise filtering, the SMARTenna+ automatically finds the best antenna settings for the available channels. Check in on the Channel Master store to find the occasional great deal on this awesome product.

Robo R2 3D Printer

3D printing is the future, and for those just getting into it, the Robo R2 3D Printer is an excellent choice. Its self-leveling and automatic calibration makes it easy to operate whenever you need to make a change. The printer has a five-inch color touchscreen and provides Wi-Fi connectivity that can enable mobile devices to interact with it. 3D printing is becoming quite popular and the Robo R2 is a great beginner option. It's a useful gift for anyone looking to take this hobby head on.

Amazon Echo Plus

The Amazon Echo Plus is everything you could want from a smart device. From turning on lights to locking doors or playing your favorite music, there is little that the built-in Alexa assistant cannot do. For those individuals who love technology, this is a great gift that can go a long way in making time at home more enjoyable.

Stream+ Media Player and Over-The-Air DVR

The Stream+ Media Player from Channel Master allows you to enjoy live TV but also has the ability to integrate your favorite streaming services. The device also includes an on-screen channel guide and gives you the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV. It is important to note that the on-screen channel guide is only available to US customers. Additionally, the Stream+ dynamic interface allows customers to navigate between live TV, DVR, and popular streaming apps--eliminating the need to switch between devices. This is easily one of the nest practical gifts for people who like to have all their accounts housed on one device. Find out how much you can save today with the Stream+.

Portable Gadgets

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 continues to be a big hit because of its many features. These include excellent cellular reception, an ECG sensor for cardio monitoring, and alert mechanisms if you fall and are injured. This is a perfect gift for any person obsessed with technology.

Sphero Mini Orange

The Sphero Mini Orange is a cool robot that you literally control with your face. For the tech-obsessed person who has children, this is an excellent gift option. It is steered using its face recognition feature, so wherever you move the robot will as well. The Sphero also has a variety of games that can be installed and is sure to keep you busy.

GoPro Hero 7

There is nothing like having a high-quality recording device on you at all times. The GoPro is perfect for the tech geek who is active and wishes to record while on the go. The GoPro Hero 7 has voice command features that are incredibly practical. The incredible 4k recording capabilities are sure to satisfy the demands of the most tech-savvy individuals, too. For the active individual, this is one of the best practical gifts you could get.

Know Who You're Buying For

It can be tough to try and find something that a technology lover will like, but hopefully, our guide has provided you with some great ideas. When buying a gift for people who appreciate tech make sure you know exactly what they are into. This can offer some great insight into buying them the perfect gift. For the best practical gift for the technology-lover in your life, keep our gift guide in mind. You're sure to find something they'll love.