10 Best Christmas Gifts For TV Lovers

It's never too early to start your christmas shopping, especially when it comes the TV lover in your life. We all know a TV lover but they're not always easy to shop for. Should you get them a TV? An entertainment center? The first gifts that come to mind are usually outside of the shopping budget or an item they already have. Stress no more! We've curated 10 best Christmas gifts for TV lovers all in one convenient list.

From an indoor TV antenna that allows you to cut the cord on cable for good to a TV cleaning kit to keep screens squeaky clean, this list has a gift for every TV lover. Check out the 10 best christmas gifts for TV lovers below.

Indoor TV Antenna
What better gift to give a TV lover than to give the gift of FREE TV? Channel Master has been in the TV antenna business for over 70 years. The SMARTenna+ is a sleek indoor tv antenna that gives you a variety of network channels, all while saying goodbye to the cable bill. A unique and revolutionary antenna thanks to proprietary “Active Steering Technology”, built in amplification, noise filtering and professional grade cables. A top gift idea for the TV-obsessed friend in your life.

The Office T-Shirt
If the TV lover in your life is a binge-watcher, they have undoubtedly watched The Office a few times (at least). Get them a gift they'll remember and can wear around the town like this Dunder Mifflin shirt. An ode to the company in the beloved TV sitcom and a perfect gift for a true television fan.

Mini Popcorn Machine
What should a premium TV experience always include? Popcorn! This mini popcorn machine is easy to store and access due to its convenient size. A gift that's not only a fun piece of decoration, but a necessity for TV snacking.

Friends Mug
Spicing up the morning is easy with a Central Perk mug in hand. The TV lover in your life can sip in style while catching up on their new show or while they're watching Friends again.

Universal TV Remote
Missing remote? No problem with Puck! Use this tiny gadget turns a smartphone into a remote. This new take on a universal remote hooks onto your TV and links to your phone via bluetooth.

Grey's Anatomy Poster
Help the TV fanatic in your life express their obsession loud and proud in their home with their favorite show. This Gray's Anatomy glossy poster is the perfect gift for a TV lover who is just as obsessed with Meredith Gray as we are - and that's a lot!

The Today Show Pillow
Help the news junkie in your life get comfy while they watch the morning news with this Today Show pillow. The plush material and bright colors add a funky touch to a TV watcher's couch. They will also love the reversible side, one side features the nbc peacock and the other features the traditional Today Show lettering.

TV Cleaning Kit
The best kind of TV watching is on a clean screen. This TV cleaning kit from Tech Armor comes with spray cleaners, wipes and cloths to keep a TV in pristine condition. A surefire christmas gift for a TV lover.

This Is Us Sticker Set
What better way to express your love for your favorite show than to put that love everywhere? It's possible with this unique This Is Us sticker set. These stickers feature everyone's favorite characters, from Jack and Rebecca to Randall and Kate. These stickers are a must-have for every This Is Us fan.

Football Slippers
Every TV lover has a sports team and let's face it, sports can take up a lot of our TV time! Might as well make it more comfortable with some NFL slippers. Helping the TV lover in your life support their favorite team has never looked - or felt - so good!

As you start shopping for the holiday season, keep our best christmas gifts for tv lovers in mind. They don't break the bank and are extremely unique, transforming you into the best gift giver since to Mr. Claus himself.