Pro-Mount Adjustable Mast Mount



The Pro-Mount Adjustable Mast Mount is a heavy-duty, powder coated mast mount designed for commercial and residential mounting of TV antennas, wifi antennas, cellular antennas, weather stations, and more.  The adjustable design allows the Pro-Mount to be installed in several different orientations and mounting surfaces including on an eave, on a wall, or in the attic. The Pro-Mount will accept masts up to 2" in diameter and is recommended for use with the Channel Master Pro-Tube 30" mast or with any other masts under 5' in length. For masts longer than 5' or for additional strength, multiple Pro-Mounts can be spaced evenly along the length of a mast.  (Mast sold separately) (This mount is most commonly purchased with the Pro-Model Antenna and the Pro-Tube 30" Mast)
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The included mast clamp (saddle) and V-Bolt provide robust clamping force and help prevent windmilling.  The Pro-Mount Adjustable Mast Mount is constructed of 12 gauge high-tensile steel and powder coated for maximum weather protection and rust prevention. Most other antenna mounts have a raw metal finish giving an unprofessional and unfinished look to an installation. The Pro-Mount textured gray powder coat not only provides an additional layer of protection but also an elegant, finished look for high visibility installations and for higher-end commercial and residential properties.

What’s Included

Heavy-Duty Mount (Main and Side Plates)
Assembly Hardware, Lag Screws, Mast Clamp and V-Bolt
1-Year Limited Warranty


12-Gauge High-Tensile Steel
Multiple Mounting Configurations
Mast Skew and Elevation Adjustments
SilverTex Gray Powder Coat Finish

Tech Specs

Steel 12-Gauge
Compatible Mast Diameter Up to 2" in.
Size (product) 8.6" x 6.33" x 3.5" in.
Size (packaging) 5.75" x 3.75" x 3.5" in.
Weight (product)
2.8 lb
Weight (packaging) 2.8 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great Upgrade

I just ordered one so don't even have it yet but I can already tell this will be a perfect replacement for the cheapo thin stainless steel/aluminum J-pole and bracket that I currently have on the roof of my RV for my 4x4 mimo directional panel antenna. This will allow me to simply loosen and rotate the antenna down flat to the roof in transit. The only thing better would be spending a lot of money on a motorized contraption so I don't have to climb up and down a ladder.

Bill Fujimoto
Mounting Bracket

The product quality is very good and appears robust (I've yet to install it). There is a design feature which in my opinion is less than optimal, that is the V-bolt also doubles as the tilt angle clamp. My mast tube is aluminum which begins to crush with modest clamp force on the V-bolt, but this clamp force may be insufficient to clamp the tilt angle in place in the presence of a strong wind. A better design would be to separate the mast clamp from the tilt clamp. I made a workaround by adding 4 additional 3/8" x 1/2" bolts in the same slots adjacent to the mast clamp where the bolt heads butt up against the mast clamp to secure it from rotating in a strong wind.

James Rawding
Perfect for my needs

My platform for the Antenna is located in a tree. The platform in not level. This mount was perfect for my needs I could adjust it so the antenna was level. I have a mountain in front of the antenna and the TV towers were located behind the mountain, I was able to tilt the antenna so it was pointing above the mountain. Worked perfectly have a awsome picture .

Daniel Leon Jordan
Exactly what I was looking for.

Robust and strong natured design.

John Checton
Pro-Mount Adjustable Mast Mount

Excellent quality, versatile & best fit for the job.