Pro-Mount Adjustable Mast Mount



The Pro-Mount Adjustable Mast Mount is a heavy-duty, powder coated mast mount designed for commercial and residential mounting of TV antennas, wifi antennas, cellular antennas, weather stations, and more.  The adjustable design allows the Pro-Mount to be installed in several different orientations and mounting surfaces including on an eave, on a wall, or in the attic. The Pro-Mount will accept masts up to 2" in diameter and is recommended for use with the Channel Master Pro-Tube 30" mast or with any other masts under 5' in length. For masts longer than 5' or for additional strength, multiple Pro-Mounts can be spaced evenly along the length of a mast.  (Mast sold separately) (This mount is most commonly purchased with the Pro-Model Antenna and the Pro-Tube 30" Mast)
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The included mast clamp (saddle) and V-Bolt provide robust clamping force and help prevent windmilling.  The Pro-Mount Adjustable Mast Mount is constructed of 12 gauge high-tensile steel and powder coated for maximum weather protection and rust prevention. Most other antenna mounts have a raw metal finish giving an unprofessional and unfinished look to an installation. The Pro-Mount textured gray powder coat not only provides an additional layer of protection but also an elegant, finished look for high visibility installations and for higher-end commercial and residential properties.

What’s Included

Heavy-Duty Mount (Main and Side Plates)
Assembly Hardware, Lag Screws, Mast Clamp and V-Bolt
1-Year Limited Warranty


12-Gauge High-Tensile Steel
Multiple Mounting Configurations
Mast Skew and Elevation Adjustments
SilverTex Gray Powder Coat Finish

Tech Specs

Steel 12-Gauge
Compatible Mast Diameter Up to 2" in.
Size (product) 8.6" x 6.33" x 3.5" in.
Size (packaging) 5.75" x 3.75" x 3.5" in.
Weight (product)
2.8 lb
Weight (packaging) 2.8 lb

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