Ultra Mini 4



The Ultra Mini 4 distribution amplifier will boost TV signals, increasing the overall signal strength for distribution throughout the home. The Ultra Mini 4 has four output ports and can be used in HDTV, CATV, off-air, analog and digital RF distribution applications where high performance and reliability are required.

What’s Included

Ultra Mini 4 Distribution Amplifier
Power Adapter
Coaxial Cable
User Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty


Miniature Size for Space-Saving Installations
Four Output Ports
Compatible with All TV Antennas
Will Support ATSC 3.0, NextGen TV and 4K Broadcast when Available
Professional Grade Performance
Powder Coated and Weather-Sealed Housing for Superior Corrosion Protection
Excellent Surge Withstand Capability
Offers Return Path for Cable Modem Applications
Supports Both Analog and Digital Broadcast Signals
Patented Digital Seizure Mechanism (DSM) for Superior Center Conductor Retention, Surface Area Contact and Electrical Performance

Tech Specs

Power Supply Input Voltage 110-240v, AC ~ 50/60Hz, 200mA (Max)
Power Supply Output Voltage +13.2v DC, 500mA, 6.6W (Max)
Forward Frequency Range 54 to 1002 MHz
Return Path Frequency Range 5 to 42 MHz
Gain +8dB per Ouput
Noise Figure Typically Less than 2dB
Isolation 24 dB
Max Output Level 18 dBmV
Max Input Level 10 dBmV
Passive Return -8 dB
Operating Temperature -40 C to +60 C
Connector F-Type
Size (Product) 4.5 x 4.5 x 1 in
Size (Packaging) 5.75 x 8.5 x 2.25 in
Weight (Product) 11 oz
Weight (Packaging) 1.75 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 214 reviews
Always Channel Master

Added another TV. Went from two ports to four. I had such a good success with the two port that the Channel Master mini four was going to be my solution. Customer service was great at Channel Master. It's a shame they don't have a trade in program for upgrades. Very satisfied.

Jimmy Klingler
satisfied customer

Had researched info about these amplifiers before my purchase, and based on the positive feedback and performance, I purchased my channel master mini, hands down , on the construction quality compared to store bought similar items, these are superior, easy to install and hook up, I'm getting close to 40 channels with this device, and a quality antenna in the attic in Southern Illinois.

Ultra Mini 4 Amp is all you need

This amplifier is all you need to get the channels you want to come in clear. I haven't found an antenna that didn't need an amplifier and this one has quality construction and a green light to let you know its working. I'm currently getting around 40 channels in upstate NY.

Mike chase
Got my channels back

Lost lots of channels using store bought splitters. Watched th Antenna Guy on youtube who suggested this product. Now I have my 42 channels bac yo my 4 tvs. Great product.

Great product I must say.

6 TV's done. These things work great. Now I have way more channels. Thank you!