TV Antenna Booster 2



Channel Master's TV Antenna Booster 2 is an easy to install, two output professional-grade TV antenna booster / distribution amplifier. The TV Antenna Booster 2 can be used to split a TV antenna signal into two outputs and is ideal for connecting multiple TV's to a TV antenna without losing signal. This is the only high quality two output TV antenna distribution amplifier on the market specifically optimized for use with over the air TV antennas and includes built-in out of band filters and a 4G/5G LTE interference filter. The heavy-duty weatherproof housing and premium internal components will accommodate installation outdoors as well as indoors (not compatible with cable or satellite).


TV Antenna Booster

What’s Included

TV Antenna Booster 2 Distribution Amplifier
Power Adapter
Coaxial Cable
User Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty


Two Amplified Output Ports
Splits TV Antenna to Two Rooms while Boosting Signals. (Replaces Standard Two-Way Splitters and Improves Signal)
Designed and Optimized Exclusively for TV Antennas (Not Compatible with Cable and Satellite)
Built-in Out-of-Band Filters Including FM and 4G/5G Signals (600 Mhz)
Passive Signal Backup - Passes Signal Without Amplification During Loss of Power
Heavy Duty All-Metal Housing
Powder Coated and Weather-Sealed Housing for Superior Corrosion Protection
Excellent Surge Withstand Capability
Compatible with All TV Antennas
Supports Digital Broadcast and HD Signals
Supports ATSC 3.0, NextGen TV and 4K Broadcast when Available

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Power Supply Input Voltage 110-240v, AC ~ 50/60Hz, 200mA (Max)
Power Supply Output Voltage +13.2v DC, 500mA, 6.6W (Max)
Frequency Bandpass 54-88MHz, 174-216MHz, 470-608MHz. (Filters / Signal Attenuation is Applied to Frequencies Outside of these Bands)
Gain +11.5dB per Output
Noise Figure Typically less than 2dB
Operating Temperature -40° to +60°C
Max Input Level 10dBmv
Max Output Level 21.5dBmv
Size (Product) 4.25 x 5.25 x 1.0 in
Size (Packaging) 8.0 x 4.5 x 2.5 in
Weight (Product) 9.5 oz
Weight (Packaging) 1.25 lb

Choose a Model

2-Port Distributes TV Signals to 2 TVs
4-Port Distributes TV Signals to 4 TVs 8-Port Distributes TV Signals to 8 TVs

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
MoreChannels, even on TV2

We live in a rural area, receive channels better. Now the other TV receives channels that didn’t with another booster Even pick up some channels in Mississippi. Still don’t get all channels all of the time, but definitely helped. We live over 50 miles from tv towers so we are happy. Going to try changing antenna, also. Would recommend to anyone!

All available channels, crystal clear!

We live in a little valley on the west side of Los Angeles, so our antenna's "view" of the local TV towers is obstructed. I had a preamp on the antenna that had spotty performance and finally stopped working so I shopped around and found the ChannelMaster. it had great reviews as well as multiple installation options (I bought their power over cable adaptor, too).

Important help - on one of the Channel Master videos they warned about coax cable splitters cutting the signal strength - that was part of the problem, and also convinced me to switch from preamp-on-antenna to powered signal divider configuration. Pulling the old preamp and replacing the passive splitter with the powered ChannelMaster did the magic! Now my new Samsung QLED, which refused to register low-level local channels, finds them all in its scans, and shows them with zero dropouts. Wonderful

TV Antenna Booster 2

Finally got it hooked up this week. So far, so good; as it seems to be doing what it is made for. I have two antennas in the attic connected with a JOINtenna then through the booster to two TV’s (one of them with about 80’ of coax, and half of that is over 50 years old). I tried a regular splitter to the second TV, but lost too much signal. I now get a clear signal on both TV’s. I just have to wait and see how it holds up in the Florida heat in the attic. It got to 124 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday and it’s not the peak of summer yet.

Good Product

Added a second TV to the antenna line. First used a standard splitter to both TVs then only got half my channels on main TV. Ordered this product and it is as good as hooking main TV to antenna and same for second TV. I am assuming only hooking main TV only will improve signal over hooking antenna to main only. This part is best your going to get for adding a second TV to the antenna.

Ted S
weak signal long cable run

Splitter would not allow only 5 channels to longer run on bedroom tv. Now the feed is better in both livingroom and bedroom. Ocassionally I get pixalization think due to outside interference it is sporatic.I can live with that better than paying cable bill $$$$. Thanks for your support.