Replacement Power Supply for Channel Master Amplifiers



Replacement power supply for Channel Master pre-amplifiers and distribution amplifiers. This replacement power supply is compatible with models, CM-7777v3, CM-7778v3, CM-7778HD, CM-3410, CM-3412, CM-3414 and CM-3418, CM-3411, CM-3422, CM-3424, CM-3428.

What’s Included

• 300mA

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Customer Reviews

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Up and going again

Replaced power injector and all is well. 64 Channels of free TV.

Paul McGuire
Sudden loss of preamp power supply CM-7777V3

The original power supply lasted at least ten years but we replaced whole pre-amp when its co-ax cable weathered so much that the connection broke at the antenna. We wanted to make sure the fix would last, which is why we replaced all components between the house attic and the antenna. About a year and a half later, all TV's in our house lost their signal. We traced the problem back to something in or beyond the attic. A quick examination led to our noticing the power light on the power supply was not lit despite the outlet being ok. The CM-7777V3 output was zero V and so we ordered a replacement; corrected the whole problem. Why this after only eighteen months? It would be reasonable to blame a power blip despite my having a whole house surge protector.

My only suggestion would be to strengthen the design of the power plug/supply to protect against surges. Fortunately, the repair was easy!

Kevin G
Power Supply for CM-7777V3 and CM-7778V3

Experienced on and off loss of lower channels. Eventually permanent loss of lower channels. Unplugged CM-7777XPS power supply and plugged back in.
No led lit and permanent loss of all channels. Installed spare and now have all channels again. Purchased two more spares just in case. Located in Florida, mast grounded and coax shield grounded. CM-4221HD antenna installed May 2022 with CM-7777V3 preamp.

Great customer service!

I needed another power supply after the one I had stopped working. I'm pretty sure it stopped working because of nearby lightning strikes so I'm grounding everything I can from the antenna to the televisions.

Harry Simons
Power Supply

Just installed in attic yesterday 8/30/23. Both power supplies work great. Thank you.