Open Box TiVo Edge Antenna DVR - 500GB (with All-In Service)

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Factory Renewed (Like-New) - TiVo Edge for Antenna with All-In Service - No Monthly Fees Required!

The TiVo EDGE is the most advanced over-the-air antenna DVR on the market. The TiVo EDGE DVR has 2 tuners allowing you to record up to 2 programs at once and includes 500GB of storage built-in for up to 75 hours of HD recording. The DVR is easy to install and will work with any TV antenna. This all-in-one device is easy to use and lets you enjoy live, recorded, and streaming TV in one powerful device. No more switching from one device to another when the TiVo EDGE has it all! This model does NOT require additional fees. An all-in subscription to TiVo service is included with this model (service for the life of the device)

An internet connection is also required, the device will not function without an internet connection. TiVo Edge is not compatible in Canada.

What’s Included

Factory Renewed TiVo Edge Antenna DVR 500GB with All-In Service Subscription
Quick Start Guide
IR/Bluetooth/Voice Remote
(2) AA Batteries
HDMI Cable
Power Supply
Limited Warranty - 90-Day



Record up to 2 Shows at Once
Commercial Skip Feature (No Ads!)
Up to 75 Hours of HD Recording Capacity
Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Sound
Voice Search
Ability to Set Up Entire Series Recordings
Watch Live and Recorded Content from Anywhere Using the TiVo Mobile App on your Smart Phone or Tablet
Schedule Recordings from Anywhere Using the TiVo Mobile App on your Smart Phone or Tablet
Access your Netflix and Amazon Content Using the Same Remote Control by Accessing the Built-in Applications (Note: Hulu App Not Available)
Universal Remote Control also Controls Power, Volume and Mute Functions of your Television
And Much More!

Tech Specs


Coax Antenna, ATSC
Optical Audio Out
Remote Finder
HDMI 2.0 / (4K, 1080p 24/60)
USB 3.0 Ports x 2
Ethernet Port 10/100/1000 Mbps
Power 12V


Recording Capacity: Up to 75 Hours of HD
Hard Drive Size: 500GB
Video Output: v2.0 (4K 24/60, 1080p 24/60)
HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision
Dual Transcode
Built-in WiFi 802.11ac 4x4 DBS
Cable Card: No
Product Compatibility: Works with TiVo Mini and TiVo VOX DVRs
Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 11.4" x 7.3" x 1.8" in.
Product Weight: 1.9 lbs


Available only from Channel Master!
The TiVo EDGE for Antenna (500GB) is the newest DVR model from TiVo. The TiVo Edge for Antenna (500GB) was introduced in August of 2020 and added HDR support and advanced performance over its predecessor, the discontinued TiVo Bolt OTA DVR.

Important: Sale price includes an All-In TiVo service subscription. (TiVo All-In service subscription will provide TiVo service for the life of the TiVo device without having to pay any additional monthly fees.) An internet connection is also required, the device will not function without an internet connection. TiVo Edge is not compatible in Canada.


Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Working well so far.

Let's begin with I have never liked the current TiVo interface, and unlike with the Bolt the Edge cannot be downgraded to the Classic interface. Second, this unit replaces one that I had to return because it failed in the first 10 days. Credit to Channel Master, they refunded my money promptly. Third, I had a Roamio OTA that lasted more than 10 years before frying. So this Edge for antenna has a lot to live up to. Have had it for about 2 months and so far the unit is working fine. I'm getting fewer channels than I did with the Roamio (using the same antenna), so that's disappointing, but I understand that this could easily be a problem with the broadcasters. Have had some problems with the TiVo web site, but that's not news to anyone using TiVo in the last 6-8 years. The quality of their tech support has crumbled into dust compared to 15 and more years ago. Again, though, this is not a problem with the Edge OTA unit. It takes about 30 months for the all-in service plan to pay for itself, so the unit needs to last at least that long. I have a 15-year old Premier that's still going strong on it's all-in plan, so I've had about 12 years of "free" service on that one. But that goes back to when TiVo was making top quality hardware. Alas...not any more. My major complaint with this Edge is that channels will sometimes drop out and restoring them requires some gymnastics with the remote control. The channels do come back in, but this shouldn't be necessary.

Tivo Edge DVR

TiVo edge DVR already had one liked it so much bought another one for my bedroom works great

Anthony Paterniti
New box for a friend

New box was easy to set up. Tivo gave me some problems, but they finally fixed everything. I hope thank you.

John Maneke
Even the wife likes how well it works!

Tried a different brand and it was so bad I sent it back. Looked online and the TiVo was top rated so thought I would give it a try. Am glad I did the picture is excellent and my wife and I record a lot of stuff to be watched at a later time as well as recording one program while watching another. The other unit that I sent back listed all of the channels received but didn't have a guide to tell you what was on each channel but the TiVo does and that is a very big deal as far as the wife and I are concerned. This unit also is picking up more channels than the other unit and there is no pixelation. Am very happy with the TiVo and am thinking about getting a second remote so the wife and I each have one and don't have to go looking for it. The remote is programable to handle several other devices and now the one remote handles all of my devices. This is one of the best buys I've made in a while. Am very happy with my purchase.

William Livezey
Very pleased with this unit

I purchased the TIVO Edge to replace my old CM7500 mainly because they stopped supporting the guide. The unit was simple and straightforward to set up. TIVO support was excellent and had my account set up very quickly. The guide populated immediately and far outshines the old guide having more detailed information. My only reason for giving it 4 stars is because the preamp seems weaker than the CM7500. I have one local PBS channel that exhibits dropouts. Channel Master support admitted this a shortcoming with the TIVO and advised me to buy their external preamp. After installing it, the signal was improved but not perfect. This was never a problem with the CM7500 using the same attic-mounted Channel Master antenna with no preamp. Fortunately, there are a couple of other PBS stations that I am receiving with no problems. Overall, I am very pleased with the performance and operation of the TIVO.