Zinwell NextGen TV Box



The Zinwell "NextGen TV Box" (Model ZAT-600B) is a stand-alone single-tuner ATSC 1.0/3.0 tuner that accepts a standard digital TV antenna and is designed to decode/tune ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 broadcast signals.  The Zinwell NEXTGEN TV Box is an ideal accessory for consumers with TVs that do not have built-in ATSC 3.0 tuners.  The set-top box allows consumers to receive the best that NEXTGEN TV has to offer without having to upgrade their TV.  The Zinwell box supports 4K broadcasts, enhanced Dolby audio, and access to broadcaster applications.  The ZAT-600B also features an on-screen TV guide and a universal learning remote control that can be programmed to control a TV and/or sound bar.  Certified to carry the NEXTGEN TV logo, the Zinwell ZAT-600B will be security verified to operate without needing an internet connection. Recognizing the pivotal role that the quality of TV antennas and equipment plays in NEXTGEN TV signal reception, Zinwell has selected Channel Master as its preferred partner for TV antennas and accessories, ensuring viewers enjoy superior signal reliability.

The Zinwell NextGen TV Box is a versatile accessory designed to enhance your TV experience, especially if your TV does not have an ATSC 3.0/NEXTGEN TV tuner built-in.  This innovative box easily connects to any digital antenna, enabling you to access ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 broadcasts, unlocking the advanced features of NEXTGEN TV as they become available.  While some NEXTGEN TV features such as 4K resolution, enhanced audio, and broadcaster apps may still be in development and may take some time to launch, it's worth noting that numerous ATSC 3.0/NEXTGEN TV channels are already broadcasting in a higher resolution (1080P) than ATSC 1.0 (720P).  Moreover, many of these channels will eventually be broadcasting in High Dynamic Range (HDR), a feature not available in ATSC 1.0 broadcasts.

By incorporating the Zinwell NextGen TV Box into your antenna and HDTV setup, you gain the ability to seamlessly up-convert 1080P content to stunning 4K via the HDMI output.  As an early adopter of ATSC 3.0 NEXTGEN TV, you unlock several benefits. You'll have access to new NEXTGEN TV features as soon as they are released, including genuine 4K broadcasts, enhanced audio quality, broadcaster apps, and more. The NextGen TV Box boasts a dedicated "App" button on the remote, enabling you to effortlessly launch new hybrid OTA/Internet apps directly provided by individual broadcasters when they become available.  Additionally, the device offers the convenience of an on-screen guide that automatically fetches updated guide information from the broadcaster each time you tune into a channel.  For those eager to explore the possibilities of NEXTGEN TV in their area, you can easily determine availability by entering your address into our user-friendly tool.  Simply click on the button to filter channels by NextGen TV/ATSC 3.0.  Click Here  to check your address now.

Supports 4K Broadcasts: When available, the Zinwell NextGen TV receiver allows you to enjoy your favorite shows and content in stunning 4K resolution. Say goodbye to pixelation and hello to crystal-clear, lifelike visuals that make you feel like you're right there in the action. (4K broadcasts have not yet launched and none are available as of October 2023)

Upconverts HD Broadcasts to 4K: Not only does this receiver support 4K broadcasts, but it also elevates your High Definition (HD) viewing experience by intelligently upconverting ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 HD broadcasts to 4K (and HDR if available). Witness sharper images, brilliant colors, and deeper contrast that redefine your TV-watching pleasure.

Enhanced Dolby Audio: Immerse yourself in exceptional audio quality with Enhanced Dolby Audio for NEXTGEN TV.  This receiver is equipped with Dolby AC4 decoding which will support enhanced broadcaster audio features such as Voice + Dialogue Enhancement, Consistent Volume as you switch channels, Personalized Audio for easily changing language or other audio tracks and Immersive Sound Quality with Dolby Atmos.  (Broadcasters have not yet launched enhanced audio features and none are available as of October 2023)

Broadcaster Apps: When connected to the internet, the Zinwell NextGen TV receiver has the capability to launch applications directly provided by broadcasters. These interactive apps seamlessly merge broadcast TV with internet content, including features like sports scores, weather alerts, additional content, and more. The Zinwell remote is equipped with a dedicated "App" button, which can be used to launch an app when a notification from the broadcaster pops up on the screen.

Future-Ready Design: With NEXTGEN TV, your television isn't just a screen; it's a portal to the future. This receiver is designed to be upgradeable, ensuring that your TV stays relevant and equipped with the latest advancements for years to come.

What’s Included

Zinwell NextGen TV Box
Universal Learning Remote Control
Power Cord
Quick Start Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty


Compatible with all TV antennas
Supports 4K & HDR content
Supports ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 Broadcast Signals
Supports Dolby Audio
On-Screen Guide
Decodes/Tunes Encrypted Content (With or without an internet connection)
Supports Interactive Broadcaster Apps & Emergency Alerts
Built-in WiFi & Ethernet Connections
Coaxial Cable Input and HDMI Output
Universal Learning Remote Control
Upgradable Software via Internet Connection


Tech Specs

Digital Antenna
Input Connector Coaxial
Number of Tuners  1 -  ATSC 1.0/3.0 Tuner
Ethernet Port 10/100/1000 Mbps
USB Port
For Future Use
Output HDMI 2.0 / (4K, 1080p 24/60)
Size (Product)
Size (Packaging)
Weight (Product)
Weight (Packaging)

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Good Quality

Good quality, my reception has improved significantly! Due to my particular condo location it is as good as it gets for OTA. I'm happy with the product and it's limitations for my purposes. Bets spending $$$ for a new TV with the ATSC 3.0 receiver!!!

Charles Haverly
Zinwell Nextgen tv tuner review

The tuner is easy to setup, and I use the tuner to receive tv stations from the Louisville, Kentucky tv towers about 45 miles from my location. I have a Clearstream 4 max outdoor antenna mounted on my home’s eve about 20 feet above ground level with a Channel Master adjustable gain preamplifier attached. The Zinwell tuner picks up all 6 available Nextgen tv stations broadcast by WDRB, WAVE, WLKY, WHAS, WBKI, and WBNA that are all broadcast on the WBKI TV lighthouse tower. The tuner did not need an internet connection to tune in the 3 stations that encrypt their signal (WAVE, WLKY, & WHAS). The remote control works well. Only one ATSC 1 station, WBKI 58-4, broadcast from the WLKY TV tower is not coming in well even though all the other ATSC 1 channels broadcast on the same frequency and tower come in fine. I can’t figure that one out, but the tv’s tuner picks it up fine.

Pleased with the device.

I am using this because my Boston area ATSC 1 suffers due to poor signal. The ATSC 3 signal is from a different tower and is much stronger. So far I've had excellent reception with this set top box. I'm pleased that the signal to noise ration is 10 dB better on average. ON the negative: The device does not remember the last channel viewed., it is slow to sync to a new channel, and the pilot light is way too bright. None of these are dealbreakers for me, however they result in a 4 * instead of 5*.

Dr David Hires
Easy Setup - Simple Installation - But No Way To Edit Channel List

My only complaint is I have not found a way to edit (hid) some channels. This requires me to go through about 30 extra channels that are duplicate or I would never watch while going through the guide.

David Williams
I am a very picky electrical engineer so take this with a grain of salt

- Tunes to the new standard which allows me to get all local channels since they all are on one local transponder.
- Haven't had issues with dropping or freezing channels, remote seems to work well.
- The quality of HD digital TV signals ASTC 3.0 are getting over compressed, quality significantly suffers.
(Note: When I was a intern at the National Digital Television Center in Denver part of my job was watching digitally compressed TV shows and noting when compression was too high and noticeable so I'm very sensitive to this, but still I would say this would be unacceptable to most people who are somewhat picky. "Right now, ATSC 3.0 uses the H.265 HEVC codec for video delivery because of its efficiency gains over the much older H.262 MPEG-2 codec used in ATSC 1.0." so maybe that is the reason it is worse not the box. Indeed another article said "This year, the H.265 (or HEVC) standard is generating major buzz for its huge gains in compression efficiency, and may be poised to overtake its forefather H.264". I guess that is okay if you don't care about the image pixelization, IMHO it is horrible especially for sports which have fast moving action.
- The ASTC 3.0 channels don't seem to be updating the channel guide with OTA information like the older standard. (I did not connect the box to the internet, might be why it is not updating.)
- The tuning delay is pretty bad, but if you are watching one channel its not bad.