The Channel Master JOINtenna combines coaxial inputs from two individual outdoor TV antennas allowing for the distribution of two antennas on a single coaxial cable.

Channel Master JOINtenna is designed to simplify installations in which a user desires to receive television signals from two different transmitter locations/directions without the use of an Antenna Rotator. The JOINtenna is built for outdoor applications with an all-weather housing and has two coaxial inputs and a single coaxial output. The most common application for the JOINtenna is in the several locations across the United States where television reception is available from two DMA’s (Designated Market Area) otherwise known as “Local Markets”.

Typically most antennas are directional in nature making it very difficult if not impossible to receive signals from both locations with a single antenna. Channel Master's Antenna Rotator has served as a solution to this problem for many years and while it allows the user to only use one antenna, the installation and user experience can be more complicated. If looking to avoid the installation of an antenna rotator by using two antennas, the JOINtenna is the answer. Simply connect the output of two antennas to the two inputs on the JOINtenna and then connect the JOINtenna output to the residential/commercial coaxial cable network to be distributed to a single or multiple televisions.

In addition to it's antenna “Joining” capabilities, the JOINtenna is also equipped with a built-in LTE filter to eliminate cellular LTE signals from interfering with your TV signals.

What’s Included

1-Year Limited Warranty


Combines 2 UHF/VHF Antennas
All-Weather Housing
Low-Insertion Loss
Built-in LTE Filter
Easy Install

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Bandwidth 54-216 MHz, 450-608 MHz
Insertion Loss <2dB
Input Return Loss <16dB
Impedance 75 Ohms

Mechanical Specifications

Input Connector F-type
Output Connector F-type
Size (Product/Packaging) 3.5 x 2.25 x 0.75 in
Weight (Product/Packaging) 7 oz

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