FM Filter



The Channel Master FM Filter improves over the air (antenna) signals by filtering out FM signal interference.

The Channel Master FM Filter is designed to clear your OTA TV signal path from the common interference created by overpowering FM radio signals. FM signals have been known to cause issues with TV antenna reception for many years now and FM interference was even more pronounced during the analog days. The Channel Master FM Filter is a high-quality filter encased in a metal all-weather housing that is designed to be installed either indoors or outdoors. The filter blocks FM frequencies starting at 88MHZ and ending at 108MHZ with precision start and stop signal roll-off which prevents the filter from causing issues to adjacent TV channels.

Common situations in which FM interference to TV reception occurs are, your antenna is located within two miles of an FM transmitter or your antenna is located further than 2 miles but there is a presence of strong FM signals at your location. FM radio towers are a common cause of intermittent television signal disruption because transmitting FM signals can be received at a much stronger signal level than OTA TV signals. In some cases, this can be problematic. These disruptions can be short in duration and result in intermittent weak signals, pixilation, channel loss, and can be especially disruptive when using an amplifier with your TV antenna.  

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What’s Included

FM Filter
1-Year Limited Warranty


Blocks interference from FM radios and signal towers
Minimal setup is required
Professional Grade Construction and Quality

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Frequencies Pass 5 - 87, 125 - 2000 MHz
Frequencies Block 88 - 124 MHz

Mechanical Specifications

Input Connector F-type
Output Connector F-type
Weight 2.0 oz
Size 2.375 x .75 x .75 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
FM filter and LTE filter.

Installed FM filter along with LTE filter. They have greatly reduced interference of those signals, I have much less TV picture loss now. Good product.

FM filter

Installed this along with 5g LTE and high pass filter. Cleared up all issues I had

Bob Blauvelt
Excellent FM reject filter, especially for its very reasonable cost.

There are several full power FM radio transmitters about 1 mile away from our UHF receive antenna. Recently, yet another FM transmitter came online which resulted in overloading our UHF pre-amplifier causing loss of reception for several channels. Installing a Channel Master FM filter at the Pre-amp input completely solved the overload nonsense. Prior to its installation I characterized this filter using a spectrum analyzer with tracking generator. Its response is -55 dB down across the FM broadcast band and virtually zero loss everywhere else. Note that you will lose a bit of channel 6 (82 - 88 MHz) and some of the aviation band (108-118 MHz) which, in our case were not important.

I highly recommend this filter for any receive antenna installation suffering from strong FM radio overload.

FM Filter success

My antennas are behind a hill with a fire department near by. I have dual antennas and amplifiers to get a good signal. When the fire department fires up their radios I will get breakup on some channels. After adding the FM Filter to the feed the breakup ended. I am happy now to be able to see football games clearly.

FM Filter fixed it

We have a roof mounted antenna that has worked fine since being installed a couple of years ago. Recently, a cell phone tower was put up not far from our house. After that, we noticed the local VHF CBS channel 10 signal began to pixelate and drop out with a 'no signal' message. All other local tv stations are UHF I was told. I assumed it was a 5g issue, bought a 5g filter, but no change. I called the engineer at the local tv station and he advised getting this FM filter. Put it on about 2 weeks ago and so far, we've not had any more signal drop or pixelation issues. The tv picture quality is back to being clear. I bought one for my parent's house which is having similar issues and look forward to installing it to see if it works there too.