Attic TV Antenna Mount



The Channel Master Attic TV Antenna Mount is an ideal solution for those who want to mount a TV antenna in their attic. This mount is easy to install and designed to accommodate the majority of “mast-mounted" antennas on the market. The included 18” mast is long enough to accommodate all Channel Master antennas and works especially well in an attic with our Omni+ antenna (not included).

The Channel Master Attic TV antenna mount is perfect for anyone who is looking to mount an outdoor TV antenna in their attic for aesthetic reasons or to avoid a conflict with a homeowners association, (Learn more about your legal right to install an outdoor antenna). The Attic TV Antenna Mount is compatible with most outdoor TV antennas. The mounting bracket is constructed of solid steel and designed to be mounted to a flat surface such as a standard rafter/truss in an attic. The included 18” mast(pole) clamps on the mounting bracket using the included nest and u-bolt assembly making it easy to mount any antenna that is designed to clamp on a pole up to 1.5” in diameter.

Important Note: (Installing a TV antenna in an attic can be challenging and is not recommended in some scenarios. Although placement in an attic does allow the antenna to be at a higher mounting point, you still must consider other obstructions and potential causes of interference such as construction/roofing material and electrical/HVAC equipment that is also installed in the attic. This is not intended to discourage you from mounting an antenna in the attic, but simply to inform you that in some instances it can be challenging to receive adequate signal. Whenever possible, we always recommend mounting your antenna outside at or above your roofline and pointed at the transmission towers.)

What’s Included

Attic TV Antenna Mount
U-Bolt Assembly
(3) Wall Screws
18" Mast
1-Year Limited Warranty

Tech Specs

Material Galvanized steel
Mast Diameter 1.25” in
Mast Gauge 18 ga.
Mast Length 18 in
Size (Mounting Bracket) 4.75 x 3 x 1.75 in
Weight (Mount + Mast) 1.85 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jacob Harp
Perfect fit

Attic kit worked great with the 45 antenna kit. Simple and fast install with easy instructions.

Simple, lightweight and small

Perfect size for the attic

Universal Attic TV Antenna Mount

Very high quality mount and, made the job of installing the antenna in my attic very easy. Nothing like the durability and quality of American made.

Worked Great

Worked great, simple and easy to install. Allows the antenna to be at any angle.

Mast could be longer

The quality of this product is excellent. It was easy to install. I paired it with the Pro-Model antenna in an attic mount. My only complaint is that the 18" mast is bit too short (really needs to be 24"). Because of the angle of my rafters is so steep I had a hard time positioning the antenna so that the wider rear elements didn't interfere with the rafters and roof boards. An extra few inches would have allowed me to drop the antenna down a little further and clear everything. As it stands, I did get it to work and I'm happy with things (and the reception is incredible from the Pro-Model antenna), but that's the only reason it didn't get 5 stars.