6' Coaxial Cable Black



6’ Coaxial Cable Black is a 6’ length, black RG6 coaxial cable with weatherproof compression connectors for use indoors or outdoors.

Premium RG6 Coaxial CableRG6 Coaxial Cable Shielding Layerscutaway view of channel master compression connectors

What’s Included

6’ Coaxial Cable Black
1-Year Limited Warranty


Connects Cable TV, Satellite, Antenna and other TV Reception Devices
HD and Digital Ready
Low Signal Loss

Tech Specs

Length 6 ft
Ohms 75
RG# 6
Size (packaging) 4.75L x 4.75W x 1H in
Weight (packaging) 3 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great service, great product

Ordered using a separate vendor and the order was shifted to pick up at store. I live nowhere near the store. Channel Master took care of that without blinking. They shipped the product to me, no hassle. Outstanding company and personnel!

Coaxial Cable

Well made, quality cable and connectors.

appreciative of Channel Master's support team

I had bought a 6-ft coaxial cable at Walmart but was not impressed with the end connectors. I reached out to Channel Master and they sent me their 6-ft coaxial cable and theirs really made a difference being able to receive a much stronger signal. Their support team does an amazing job helping their customers. Keep up the excellent work.

At this length who needs Quad Shield cable

Poorly made Quad Shield cable, can't beat a well-made cable as this one. Poor ends will do more harm than 3 vs 4 shields. I approve of this cable, as they seem well built especially the ends. As for noise Earth ground hook ups on the antenna gives more noise cancelling and aids the reflectors to do their job! For note: chicken wire (outside) or foil (inside) on the reflectors seem to increase signal strength, by far large parabolic reflector anyone? (Yes, you can go nuts with this one and gain maybe a little more) disclaimer: Outside more stuff on the reflectors may hurt durability (mine is inside with cheapo foil)

Happy with the cable

Well-made fits my needs, as I replaced poorly made ones, that worked poorly! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, !